Now is time for flu shots |

Now is time for flu shots

Full shipment arrives in Craig; VNA ready to begin vaccinations

Daily Press writer
If people don’t want the flu this winter, they’d better get a flu shot.
This is the advice experts give, said Liz Dellit, a registered nurse at the Visiting Nurse Association who handles flu shots.
With a full shipment that just arrived last week, Dellit said the VNA is ready to vaccinate the general public, and in her opinion, it is important that the general public go out and get flu shots.
“It’s important people get their shots,” she said. “The flu is starting in other parts of the state.”
Although the epidemic has not yet been reported in Craig, she said reports of the flu have begun to come out of Fort Collins and Denver.
The shipment of the last 2,500 vaccinations arrived Wednesday of last week, she said.
There had been a delay in the pharmaceutical company’s development and shipment of the product this year, Dellit said.
What is usually sent in one shipment was sent in increments.
Ten percent of the vaccinations arrived in early November, at which time children and the elderly were targeted for the shots.
Another 40 percent was supposed to arrive at the end of November and the remainder sometime later in December, but the entire shipment is already here, Dellit said.
On Dec. 8 and Dec. 15 clinics will be held at City Market and Safeway.
People wanting a flu shot can just show up at these two clinics without making any prior arrangements, she said.
Shots will also be given at the VNA, but people are asked to call ahead of time, she said.
Advertisements will soon be circulated posting times people can come to the VNA for shots, she said.
The shot supply is full, she said, and there are plenty of shots to go around.
“It’s very important to get a flu shot even if you’re not in a high risk group,” she said. “The flu will set you back a lot more than a cold will.”
If people can’t afford to miss a week of work, they should get a flu shot, because the flu can last a long time, she said.
The peak flu season is late December, January and February, and it takes a shot about two weeks to take effect.

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