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Not Your Regular Math Class

New Statistics Class Added at MCHS

Andrea Angelo, Blue Print

John Kirk and Tom McCoy play with bungee jumping Barbies on the second floor commons for a dual-credit statistics class.

Could you ever image a class bungee jumping Barbie's off the second floor of the Moffat County High School? They are in the new statistics class taught by Ms. Kristin Ingalls. This is the first year the class has been offered. Ingalls said, “As a math department, we decided to add this class to give students another option.” “The class is a collage level class and when taken this class you get a half collage credit,” said senior Jordan Field.

The class does a lot of hands-on demonstrations. They work with M&M’s, Skittles, and other foods to analyze data by counting up all the candy and comparing average amounts in random samples.

Senior Adrie Camp and Jordan Field said their favorite part of the class is the food demonstrations because it is fun to analyze the data and they get to eat.

The class does have a math book and homework, but they do not get a certain number of math problems to do like in a regular math class.

Camp noted that the class teaches students how to better understand statistics, and that not all statistics are true. Students can calculate the statistic and then intuition guides them toward truth or opinion.

Statistics is the study of collection, organization, analyze, and interpretation of data.

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The class works on the new TI Inspire, a full color-graphing calculator.

Ingalls said, “Statistics are used through all fields all over the world and in every job.”

Advisors recommend taking this class if interested in a job that deals with statistics such as research, customer service, or business.

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