Nguyen Bolek: I deserve an explanation |

Nguyen Bolek: I deserve an explanation

To the editor:

I am Nguyen Bolek and I have buried my husband, Larry Bolek, at the cemetery here in Craig in November 2009.

In July 2010, I was told I would need to purchase another plot since I wanted to plant a tree next to my husband's grave.

I did purchase the plot next to my husband and was given permission by Bill Sixkiller to have a tree planted.

Mr. Sixkiller picked out the suitable tree at Tunies & Such, which I paid for.

Tunies & Such planted the tree in July 2010. After a couple of weeks, deer were munching on my tree.

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There were two other graves that had planted trees and they had placed a fence around them to protect their trees from dear.

I contacted Tunies & Such and paid them to place a fence around the tree for $100.

After the fourth week, my fence had been removed.

After contacting Mr. Sixkiller, he told me that he had removed my fence. He did not explain to me why the fence was removed.

The other two graves with fences around their trees were not removed.

However, two months later, their fences were removed, as well.

In January 2011, I noticed that one of the other graves had placed their fence back around one of the trees.

I left a message with Mr. Sixkiller to ask him why he is letting others put a fence up and why my fence was destroyed but he never returned my phone call.

One of my friends spoke to Audrey Danner and told her of my problem.

Mrs. Danner spoke to Mr. Sixkiller, but nothing has been resolved concerning the destruction of my fence.

My question is why someone else is allowed to place a fence around their tree but I cannot place a fence around my tree and why was my fence destroyed without Mr. Sixkiller contacting me and explaining the situation?

Nguyen Bolek

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