New principal to start work at Moffat County High School |

New principal to start work at Moffat County High School

Jeff Swanson

Moffat County High School students will see a new face in the principal’s office this August. The school board voted 7-0, to hire South Dakota native, Jane Krogman for the position.

Krogman, who was born and raised in Coleman, S.D., was a high school teacher for three years before moving on to become the principal at White River High School, a position she has held for the last three years.

“I am really looking forward to coming to Craig, settling down, and getting things underway,” she said. “As a principal, I stand for strong academics, strong extracurricular activities and strong discipline. I like to be active in as many school functions as possible, and I think a lot of learning can take place outside of the classroom, and students need to take advantage of that.”

A 30-year-old single mother, Krogman believes that her age and parenting experience can be an asset when dealing with high school students, especially when it comes to understanding the challenges that students face in today’s changing educational environment.

“I think that my age is a definite positive. It allows me to be empathetic to some of the issues that students face in today’s schools,” she said. “I have run a pretty fast track so far in my professional career, teaching for five years and being a principal for three, so it wasn’t that long ago that I was a student myself.”

Krogman did her undergraduate work at Southwest State in Marshall, Minn., receiving her bachelor’s degree with a double major in elementary education and English.

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She received her master’s degree from Chadron State College in 1997, with a focus on K-12 education.

Krogman plans to continue with her education, eventually attain her doctorate degree and move on to teach at the collegiate level.

“Getting my doctorate is a goal that I have set for myself, and is something that I feel is important,” she said. “Not only can it advance me as a professional, but I can be a model to the students as well, and show them that the educational process never really stops.”

Moffat County School District Superintendent Duane Wrightson sees Krogman as someone who can bring a new attitude and some fresh, new ideas to MCHS.

“Jane is going to be great for the community as well as the high school,” he said. “She brings a very high level of technological knowledge, classroom knowledge, and is very in tune with the subject matter that is presented in today’s learning environment.

“She is also a big supporter of some of the testing programs that we have implemented in the last few years. I think once people get to know her, they are going to see that the board made a very, wise decision.”

The high school has been seeking a principal since last year, when principal Joel Sheridan resigned.

The final selection for the principal position was narrowed down to two candidates Krogman, and MCHS vice principal Rob Sanders.

“We had the position open last fall, and with the low number of applications that we received, we decided to open the position up on a national level,” he said.

“Rob has done a great job for us this past year, and he would also make a good principal. However, Jane has a little more experience on the high school level, as well as a very advanced knowledge of the role that technology can play in the classroom.”

Wrightson interviewed Krogman and talked with students at her current high school, staff members, and residents in the White River community as well.

“I couldn’t find one person that would say a bad thing about her,” he said. “She has a wonderful sense of humor, and a real ability to bring out the best in people.

“I think that Jane Krogman is going to be a terrific fit for Moffat High, and a wonderful addition to the city of Craig.”

After teaching a class this summer at Black Hills State College, Krogman plans to move to Craig with her 12-year-old daughter, Emily, in late July.

There was one requirement, though, that Emily had before allowing her mother to make the final decision move to Craig.

“Emily wanted to make sure that there was a Burger King in Craig,” she said. “Right now, we have to drive about 90 miles before we can get to a fast food establishment, so this is going to be a nice change for her as well.”

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