New Moffat County elected officials sworn in |

New Moffat County elected officials sworn in

Ben McCanna

Judge Sandra Gardner swears in Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz during a Tuesday ceremony in Moffat County District Court. Jantz was among eight newly elected officials to take an oath of office.

Moffat County Court Judge Sandra Gardner stood in front of the district courtroom and took note of the people sitting before her.

"It's really nice to look out into a crowd of smiling faces," she said. "That doesn't always happen in a courtroom."

Rather than prosecutors, defendants, and a jury, the courtroom played host Tuesday to eight newly elected Moffat County officials, their families, friends and well-wishers.

Gardner was there to swear them into office.

First, she addressed the assembly.

"On Nov. 2, the citizens of Moffat County spoke through the ballot process, and they elected their local officials," Gardner said, looking into the crowd. "It is in these people that the citizens of Moffat County have reposed a special trust."

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Gardner said the individual elected officials would be tasked with protecting the community, governing responsibly, establishing appropriate property values and more.

"It is both a pleasure and a true honor for me to have the opportunity to now swear in individually the newly elected officials of Moffat County," she said.

Then, sheriff Tim Jantz, treasurer Elaine Sullivan, assessor Robert Razzano, clerk and recorder Lila Herod, surveyor Peter Epp, coroner Kirk McKey, and Moffat County Commissioners Audrey Danner and Tom Mathers stepped forward and pledged the oath.

Danner said the event was moving, and she took stock in Gardner's words.

"It's very humbling," she said. "I take it seriously."

Herod, who was sworn in for her first elected position, agreed the ceremony was to be taken seriously.

"It was emotional," she said. "I didn't think I was going to get nervous at all, but then I started shaking. I was like, 'Oh no, I am nervous.'"

Herod, whose candidacy was challenged by the federal Hatch Act, said the ceremony felt like a final step in a natural progression.

"It's always been a goal, and all of a sudden it's here," she said of holding public office.

"I'm excited. I'm ready to get to work and do a good job."

Herod said she had spent most of the morning setting up her new e-mail account, changing the outgoing voicemail message, learning the purchase order system and more.

"There's lots of stuff going on," she said of her first day.

Epp, the owner of survey company Epp & Associates, said the ceremony held special significance for him.

Originally from Aylsham, Saskatchewan, Epp moved to Craig in 1973 and is now a naturalized American citizen.

"I'm like Ahnold," he said, comparing his situation to Austrian-born former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Moffat County elected officials sworn into office Tuesday by Judge Sandra Gardner:

• Sheriff Tim Jantz

• Treasurer Elaine Sullivan

• Assessor Robert Razzano

• Clerk and recorder Lila Herod

• Surveyor Peter Epp

• Coroner Kirk McKey

• Moffat County Commissioner Audrey Danner

• Moffat County Commissioner Tom Mathers

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