New commissioner candidate emerges for general election |

New commissioner candidate emerges for general election

Kerry Moe to challenge Tom Mathers for District 3 in November

Brian Smith

Craig resident Kerry Moe, 48, has announced she will run as a write-in candidate for the Moffat County Commission in November's general election.

Moe, a Republican, filed her candidate petition Monday afternoon for the District 3 commission seat currently held by Tom Mathers.

Moe's husband, Frank, ran unsuccessfully for the same seat in the Aug. 10 Republican primary election against Mathers.

Mathers won by 49 votes in the primary. He received 1,197 votes, or 51.04 percent, while Frank Moe received 1,148 votes, or 48.96 percent.

Kerry is the co-owner and manager of Best Western Deer Park Inn & Suites, and has lived in Craig for 22 years.

She said she is unsure of her chances of winning in the general election, but giving voters a choice is important to her.

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"I think that is very important for this country, whatever election it may be or whoever it may be," she said. "I think there should always be a choice, and an educated choice, at that."

Kerry said she wanted to continue the message her husband raised during his campaign leading to the Republican primary.

"So many people were endorsing what (Frank) stood for in the primary, which is what they want, he was continuing their message … and I felt that needed to continue," she said.

Kerry decided to run because she wanted to carry "the voices of the community," she said.

"I can feel some negatives possibly for me personally, but I can handle that," she said. "But, I couldn't come up with any negatives for Moffat County to have a choice, and I felt that was my way of giving back."

Kerry said a few issues she is concerned about are energy, jobs and economic development, among others.

"I guess the issues to me that seemed to be important were the issues that I was hearing the community speak to (Frank) about and what their concerns were, namely fighting for our energy jobs and economic development," she said.

Improving communication with lawmakers in Denver and the next governor is another goal Kerry said she wanted to work toward.

"We need to do a little more homework and work with some people a little bit better and communicate a little bit better so that we can make our voices heard from this community to the Front Range, so that if they are making decisions that affect us … hopefully they won't be detrimental to our area, like they have been in the past," she said.

Despite being married to a former candidate, Kerry said, "I am my own person," and her campaign will differ from Frank's.

Mathers said he was surprised to hear Kerry announced she would run in the election, but felt he was "absolutely" the better candidate.

Mathers said "this is not the time for change" in the county commission because of the bad economy.

"I just look forward to the upcoming election, and I'll be glad when this is all over," he said. "I thought this time here would be enough, but apparently not."

Kerry is the third Moffat County resident to announce a write-in candidacy. She joins Jennifer Riley, who is running for county assessor, and Tami Barnes, who is running for county commission District 2.

Each of the three is attempting to make county history.

Moffat County Elections Supervisor Stephanie Beckett said no write-in candidate has ever won an election in Moffat County.

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