New candidates announce at Lincoln Day Dinner in Craig |

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New candidates announce at Lincoln Day Dinner in Craig

Dave DeRose, a former City of Craig mayor, announced his candidacy for the Moffat County Commission’s District 1 seat Saturday night during the Moffat County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner.

Two local residents announced Saturday night their intentions to seek public office.

The announcements came during the Moffat County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner at the Holiday Inn of Craig.

Dave DeRose, a former City of Craig mayor, announced he'll seek election to the Moffat County Commission District 1 position.

“Did you know that the start of the Star Spangled Banner is a question,” DeRose said to the audience. “The reason that question is asked is I think everyone that authored our government knew the hardest thing is to keep operating a government of the people, by the people, for the people. That government needs to extend from city hall all the way to the White House.”

Chuck Grobe, a former Town of Hayden mayor, announced he’ll seek the commission District 2 position.

“I moved to Moffat County about a year ago,” Grobe said. “I don’t have any secrets or hidden agendas. I just want to do my best for the county because this is going to be my home for the rest of my life.”

KC Hume, Moffat County Republican Party chairman, read a letter from Parachute resident Ron Rosener stating his intention to run for the Colorado House District 57 seat.

“Education of our next generation is at risk,” the candidate wrote in his announcement letter. “The University of Colorado is now $8,900 just in tuition. It has risen 9 percent a year for three years. How are your children or grandchildren going to get a higher education?

“I have a plan. The oil and gas industry is a big part of western Colorado. Why can’t we encourage them to return and designate the taxes and revenue we collect to higher education to help reduce the cost? This is not a pipe dream. Vernal, Utah, is doing this now.”

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