Nate Waggenspack: Can’t beat playoff basketball |

Nate Waggenspack: Can’t beat playoff basketball

Nate Waggenspack

Last weekend's district tournament was a blast. Now the real fun begins.

While the district is cool, winning doesn't matter in the same way it does as regional basketball gets underway. The Moffat County boys and girls teams benefited big time from winning their tournaments, but losses wouldn't have ended their season.

Now it's one game at a time in the truest sense of the cliché. A win means you get to keep playing. A loss means you have to wait until next season. For seniors, it means you're done for good.

There's no better atmosphere for playing sports. It's the reason the NCAA basketball tournament is awesome, the reason the NFL playoffs are awesome, even why Game 7s in the NBA and MLB playoffs are better than the rest.

With everything on the line, we get to see things that just don't happen in the regular season.

These one-and-done situations are when the stuff like a botched shotgun snap looms especially large (too soon?), or when a player you don't expect comes out of nowhere to play a great game and be the difference. It's so much fun to see how teams and individuals respond to the games laid before them.

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We're lucky to have the regional playoffs starting in Craig this weekend. No need to travel to catch the games, and no need to turn on the TV in search of something not quite as exciting. Enjoy a more personal experience at Moffat County High School.

The Bulldogs' reward for winning the district is a high seed and a couple home games (if they can win) for a chance to get to the Great 8. Their reward is the opportunity to have a big home crowd cheering them on. On a couple occasions this season (the last two boys games against Aspen and the girls home game against Olathe come to mind), the fans from Craig have been amazing.

Those fans have one more chance to create a killer atmosphere this season, while the players have a chance to do something pretty cool themselves — take a couple steps toward a state championship.

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