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Barbara Fix

Barbara Fix stands beneath one of many Asian characters on the walls of the Natural Health Care Center, 450 Center St., while displaying a bottle of Chinese herbs she uses in her work as an herbalist. Fix is also a licensed acupuncturist, practicing the ancient discipline out of the Natural Health Care Center, as well as The NutriTherapy Center in downtown Craig.

"I've been working in Craig for eight years. I've moved around a bit, but it's been with the same group of people. (Natural Health Care Center) opened up about four years ago. I've been with them since then. Here, we use natural techniques to treat the body, whether it be hands-on, herbal, acupuncture, chiropractic. There's no invasive technology or Western medicine.

"I got interested in acupuncture and herbal healing through my own sicknesses and health issues about 15 years ago. I've always suffered with really bad asthma. The herbal part promotes the whole wellbeing of my body. I use different formulas on different days and it just depends on what's going on.

"Acupuncture is basically an ancient Chinese therapy that's been around for about 5,000 years. It deals with the flow of energy through the body, and it's divided up into many pathways that run up and down the body.

"What we do is tap that energy, move it and just send it where it needs to go. It doesn't work for everybody, but it works in a lot of cases. It's very non-invasive and there's just no harm done at all, and it's very relaxing. People think it's painful, which it isn't. I think that's probably the number one misconception is that people get nervous because they think it's going to be painful, and it's not. I practice it on kids, too. In fact, there's a whole branch of acupuncture that deals with pediatrics.

"I'm from Maine, originally. I grew up in Western Maine, Rumford, a lot of skiing and outdoor activities, not too different from (Craig). Sort of a town like this, sort of industrial. My brother moved here a long time ago, I moved here in 1992. My brother was here as a ski team coach, so I followed him and I loved it. I love the community and being able to ski, bike, hike and having the environment to go up in.

"I like doing anything outdoors and being around animals. I love animals. I've got some dogs and horses and cats, but I love all animals.

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"I have a four-year master's degree, about 3,200 hours of classroom and clinical training from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder. I like the fact that I get to work with a lot of really interesting people every day and I feel like I really am helping people that are in pain and helping them feel better and it's just a really great feeling to be happy to come into work.

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