My Life, My Words: Sharon Martin: Staying personal in business |

My Life, My Words: Sharon Martin: Staying personal in business

Joshua Gordon

Sharon Martin leans against the cashier desk Friday at her store, Sharyn's Upscale Consignment, at 124 W. Victory Way. Martin said her business has done well since opening in late March, and she is planning on moving soon to a larger location across the street.

Shawn McHugh

"I came to Craig for the business on March 20 of this year. I moved from Glenwood Springs. I am a graduate of Bridges High School. I went to Mesa State for many different things, from book keeping to history teacher to lots of different things. I ended up getting my associate's degree in accounting.

"I am the owner of Sharyn's Upscale Consignment. It is all consignment in here, which means people bring their clothes in and I sell it for them and then they earn 40 percent of whatever I sell. I am a consignment store junkie and I love shopping in them, so I thought this would be a good idea. I think we already have enough clothing stores in the world and we don't need anymore. It just adds to the waste, so I thought this store would be more green by reselling already purchased clothes.

"I run this store myself, no help. I work Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Right now, the building we are in is up for sale and we are moving to where Zumba (Fitness) is. It is bigger and we already need more space. Plus it has better parking.

"Business in the store is excellent. Items move in and out pretty quickly. It gets really busy. I plan on getting help eventually. We are getting closer and closer, but right now we don't need it quite yet. I like to meet everyone that comes in the store personally if at all possible."

"When I'm not working, I'm usually playing with my family. I have a 5-year-old boy and a wonderful husband. I met him in the Glenwood area through friends. We love it here in Craig. As a family, we like to go fishing and camping and love to ride horses. We go out by Oak Creek and Glenwood a lot. We still have family out there.

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"My husband already worked up here in Craig. He owns a trucking company. I was driving through town one day and saw this building was for sale and just thought to myself that Craig didn't have a consignment store. They have a similar kids' store in the mall, but we are different. We have all women's clothing and a little bit of little girls' stuff. We also have accessories. Some good purses have been brought in and they have been name brand, which is great.

"When people bring their items into me, I check through them to make sure they are good to sell. Then I put them on the racks. Every 60 days I cash out accounts and the people get store credit. I set the prices and sell the stuff all myself. The items are usually around 30 percent of the original price. Plus, I base prices on what is selling in the store. I don't like anybody to bring in more than 20 items at a time, and I usually get about five or six drop offs a day. So I can get anywhere around 100 items a day brought into my store.

"As the business keeps growing, I would love to expand my store, maybe open up another business somewhere else. But, I love Craig, and I don't want to leave here. I don't want to go too big that I can't run both stores personally. I like to be in control, and I want the store to be a personal experience for anyone that comes in."

— Interview by

Joshua Gordon

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