My Life, My Words: Natasha White: A splash of color |

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My Life, My Words: Natasha White: A splash of color

Natasha White smiles through the food service window Saturday night in the back of Village Inn. She has worked for the restaurant for nine years, and said she loves one aspect of her job above others — constantly being around people.


Waitress at the Village Inn for nine years

"I love colors, it makes me feel good. My favorite is burgundy red. It's deep, and it's so dark and pretty. It almost reminds me of the lipsticks they wore in the 40s.

I've lived Craig for 16 years. I graduated in Hayden.

The mountains keep me here. I don't really like the cold, but I love snow. And I have kids, so there's lots of stuff for them to do.

I can't swim. I never learned. Someone pushed me in a pool when I was little, and I sucked in some water. I think it scared me.

I love making people happy. Even if my customers are grouchy, if they walk out the door with a smile on their face, I feel like I've had a good day.

I think some of the customers don't get that I'm not making their dinner, I'm just delivering it. If the kitchen gets behind, I get yelled at. I'm always like, 'I'll offer you some pie, or buy your dinner.'

I love hunting season, because people from all over come to Craig, Colorado. It's so cool.

I have three little girls and a little boy, ages 13 and under. We love to go rollerblading in the summer down to the park. We have Guitar Hero and Rock Band, so all the kids can play. And I used to be really into ballet, so my 11-year-old is really into dancing, and we choreograph a lot at home.

I'm engaged. It's two rings, because he couldn't decide between the two of them. We're going to have a February wedding next year, because we both really like wintertime.

My fiance lets me have quiet time, when it's just me and my bubbles in the bath.

The worst table we had was 18 people that were here for the Triple Crown. They said that none of their food was right. I actually had a lady yell at me for taking some food off of her bill. I had people saying they were going to kill me and stuff. I had to call the cops on them.

I'm kind of glad we're a Village Inn and not anything super spectacular.

They recognize me outside of work.

No matter how bad things seem, they can always get better. Times did seem dark, when my fiance was out of a job. But we still have our health, and the kids.

The kids come in and help out sometimes. They'll bus tables or seat people if I'm really busy. They don't do it for money, they just like it.

I don't have a reason for being so bubbly. I love life and I love being around people."

— Interview by Nicole Inglis