My Life, My Words: Just ‘try to get along with folks’ |

My Life, My Words: Just ‘try to get along with folks’

Frances Chisholm, 78, Pink Lady volunteer at the memorial hospital in craig

Frances Chisholm, a Pink Lady volunteer at The Memorial Hospital in Craig, poses inside the hospital's gift shop. Chisholm has been volunteering at The Memorial Hospital for the last 14 years.
Joe Moylan

"Growing up in Paynesville, Mo., was nice and quiet. It was a pretty basic farm setting. I had a pony and did a lot of things with 4-H and show cattle and things.

"My three sisters didn't have any interest in doing stuff outside like that, and I didn't have any interest in cooking and so forth, either. I grew up like a farm boy, I guess you could say.

"My sisters, Betty and Sally, live in Colorado Springs. Dorothy Ann lives in Missouri. They all went to college, but I didn't really have any interest, so I hung around the farm for a long time.

"I decided to go over to Sedalia and take a couple of courses once to see if there was anything out there for me besides hanging around the farm.

"I decided to take some classes because my dad wouldn't let me drive the tractors and other things that boys were allowed to do. My cousins used to visit from Oklahoma City and my dad would let them ride it because they were boys. That used to make me so mad. I could do it, too.

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"So, I went to Sedalia to take some classes. It wasn't for me, but I did meet my husband there and after we got married we got to traveling.

"My husband worked for Morrison-Knudsen building missile silos in Missouri. Then, he got into seismographing work at Western Geophysical and we ended up moving here, there and everywhere.

"We ended up living in Alabama for a while, we were in Ardmore, Okla., Montrose for a little while and Cheyenne, Wyo. for a while.

"We moved to Craig in 1973 from Green River, Wyo., and I've been here ever since. I ran the shoe department at Kmart for 16-and-a-half years, until I was 63 years old.

"I've got a son, Chris, who lives in Craig and a daughter, Becky, who lives in Roswell, N.M. You know, with the aliens. She works at the UFO Museum now and she always tells me tidbits about what's going on down there.

"I've been volunteering at (The Memorial Hospital in Craig) for more than 14 years. Part of the time, I worked up at the front desk. That's what I did at the old hospital. I've been volunteering in the gift shop ever since the new hospital opened, but my favorite job was shredding.

"I would go around and pick up legal papers and take them to the shredder for six or seven years. But, now they have a guy come in and shred the documents on site.

"That's one thing I don't like about the new hospital — they don't give volunteers enough to do. I think it has something to do with the HIPPA laws now-a-days, which I understand, but I still wish there was more to do.

"I really enjoy volunteering. In fact, I volunteer down at the (Moffat County Fair), too. I like traveling around a bit and I like going by myself even though people say I shouldn't do that. But, I'm pretty independent.

"If I were to give young people one piece of advice it would be try to get along with people. Try not to let things get to you. I do let things get to me and as a result I've held grudges against people for a long time. Don't take things personally, let them go and try to get along with folks."

— Interview by Joe Moylan, M2

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