My Life My Words: Devon Christensen — Technology-based life |

My Life My Words: Devon Christensen — Technology-based life

Devon Christensen is a service technician at The Copy Shop Computer Corner in Craig. Originally from Arizona, he has worked at The Copy Shop for two years.

"I'm originally from Arizona, but we moved to Grand Junction for about three years before I moved here. I went to two different high schools before ending up in Grand Junction.

"I just finished my schooling at Intellitec College in Grand Junction, where I got my associate's degree, and I was looking around for computer jobs and my dad talked to the owner and then I talked to him over the phone and it kind of went from there. I came down the next day for an interview and I got the job, so I moved to Craig. I've been working here for two years.

"I service computers and copiers here in the store and I work a little bit on point of sales. The hardest part, to be honest, is working with different quirks in some of the copiers. Most of the time, I come in and make sure things are up and going and I start fixing computers that were brought in. When people call in, I go out and help them, and same with the copiers when they call in.

"At once we usually have about five people in the store at a time. I usually work around 40 to 45 hours a week. We are closed weekends, so I get weekends off, which is nice. I built my own computer, from scratch. It is a lot cheaper and it comes natural to me to put those things together now. At work, I really like to find new things that we haven't done before with computers, like a water cooler we made for a PC here that goes through and cools the system.

"For my associate's degree I only had to go to school for a year and a half, but I plan on getting my bachelor's degree at some point. From there, I could do all sorts of things, really. I really want to go to a bigger company. I think California would be a nice place to go to, but I'm not sure really where I would end up.

"My dad and my sister live here in Craig, as well. My dad works out at Twentymile right now. My aunt and uncle also live here in town, and my aunt used to be a teacher at the elementary school here. The rest of my family lives mixed between Utah and Arizona.

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"I am a bit of a gamer for the most part. I play PC games and console games. It's tough to pick a favorite, but it would probably be my PC because it has a lot more versatility and I can play pretty much anything I want from basic games to more complicated games. There are also a lot more RPGs, which are my favorites.

"When I was in Arizona I use to race RC cars. They were more than just the basics — they were gas powered and electric, too. They had tracks down there, but I haven't been able to find one since I moved up here. It was more of a hobby, but it was a lot of fun. There were cash prices, and that was a plus when a friend of mine started getting me into it. I messed around with his stuff and started to buy my own things so we could do it together on a weekly basis."

— Interview by Joshua Gordon, Daily Press writer

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