My Life, My Words: Debbie Winder — The secret of being a grandma |

My Life, My Words: Debbie Winder — The secret of being a grandma

Debbie Winder, 56, poses with her granddaughter, Haleigh Rodela, 11, on Saturday at West Theatre in Craig. Winder has worked at the theater part time for 22 years.

"I grew up here. I was born in Utah, but I moved here when I was four. I'm 56. Craig has changed a lot over the years. We have a Walmart and we have more stores, more people. The power plant brought in more people.

"We didn't have the college back then, or the new high school. When I went to high school, it was where the middle school is now. We only had Sunset and East and Yampa — the Yampa Building was a school — as grade schools. And the middle school was where Sandrock Elementary is. So, I'm really old.

"I started working at the movie theater about 22 years ago. I started here as a snack bar person. There aren't as many people coming to the movies with the economy the way it is, and I don't think the quality of movies are as good as they used to be. But (children's) movies do well here.

"I work at the movie theater every night of the week. I don't have a lot of free time unless I go out of town, and then I have to beg someone to work for me, like my kids.

"I don't watch a lot of movies. I liked the Twilight series. I liked 'The Sixth Sense,' that was really good. I liked 'Eight Below,' the dog movie. And I liked 'Blindside.'

"Being a grandma is awesome. I have four grandkids. I have three granddaughters and a grandson. They are 11, 4, 3, and 10 months. The secret to being a good grandma is patience and a lot of love. I have three children. My daughter is 31, my son is 28, and my youngest son is 21.

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"My youngest son, Chris, just got drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays to play baseball. He'll leave in March for spring training in Florida.

"I like spring the best because it's so green, and all the animals come out, and baseball starts. Baseball is my favorite sport."

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