My Life, My Words: A full schedule, a fuller life |

My Life, My Words: A full schedule, a fuller life

Kirstie McPherson, 18, MCHS senior and Sage Country Jewelry owner

Kirstie McPherson, a Moffat County High School senior, stands underneath the banner for the school's National Honor Society, of which she is a member. McPherson, 18, also is involved in the MCHS Distributive Education Clubs of America, Key Club and Stopping Abuse Forever, or SAFE, which works in partnership with Advocates-Crisis Support Services.
Bridget Manley

Kirstie McPherson, an 18-year-old Craig resident, mans her booth Dec. 9 at Centennial Mall's Holiday Craft Show. In addition to participating in numerous high school groups, McPherson also owns her own business, Sage Country Jewelry.Bridget Manley

"I am the senior class president with the student council and I've been the class president for two years in a row now. And I really enjoy that. I like having people come to me.

"In my senior year, I've done a lot more with trying to get our motto and song and stuff like that ready. I'm the DECA president and DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. And I really like that one. It's like speech and debate kind of related stuff, except that it's more business related. … And that's something that I really got involved in.

"Last year was my first year. And then I do — I'm Key Club president. Well, … there's two presidents, so April Rogers and I are the two presidents. And then I'm in (National Honor Society). And then I do multiple things within those groups. I sit on several different boards. I'm in the SAFE program, which is … Stopping Abuse Forever, in coalition with Advocates-(Crisis Support Services). I do lots of volunteer work. I'm pretty much just one of those people that like to do stuff.

"This month (November) is pretty much all around Christmas. … The KRAI Holiday Drive is tomorrow and Friday (Dec. 1 and 2), so I'll be there at that. We're decorating a Christmas tree for Sandrock Ridge nursing home on Thursday. I have done stuff with other organizations in town. The (Substance Abuse Prevention Program), I'm involved with them. And they're the ones that put on the DARE program. … I just am there with the student council. I'm the high school rep, I guess you could say. And with that … the only thing I actually do is help with the pancake breakfast along with the other student council members.

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"The main one I focus on is SAFE. …

"Really, I didn't have an idea of how many issues we have with this community as far as dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault. … Once my eyes became opened, I thought there needs to be something that could change. But basically we're just focused on educating the community about these problems, and especially within the high school.

"The name is Sage Country Jewelry. … And I've been running that (business) for four years. … I really enjoy it. This time of year it picks up a lot more with customers. I like being social a lot, so doing this jewelry business has allowed me to be more social with people. Sitting at craft shows you see the whole town walk by and you know almost every single one of them, which is just a really great thing.

"I have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks. And everything's with good materials like freshwater pearls, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals.

"Really, my stuff has evolved over the years. When I started it was very simple pieces and now I'm getting into the more elaborate stuff. And jewelry designs change with the fashions. Fashion trends change just as well as jewelry does, so I kind of try to stick with that. So I don't really call it a line, but it's just how my jewelry evolves through time.

"Pretty much everybody that is in my life has been a teacher in some way, and they have put parts of them in me. And I am the way I am and I am who I am by these people in the community. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that's exactly what this community has done for me.

"I actually got accepted to Montana Tech, which is in Butte, Mont. And I plan on starting petroleum engineering with a minor in geology. And then I would like to come back to Craig but I don't know if that's going to be in the works. I want to travel the world. I want to do what every person wants to do — just have an adventure."

— Interview by Bridget Manley, M2

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