Monty R. Ages: Respect the cemetery |

Monty R. Ages: Respect the cemetery

To the editor:

It is utterly amazing how some people have little or no respect for our cemetery.

This past weekend, I visited a family member's gravesite.

I couldn't help but notice a marker a short distance away, someone's dog had defecated on a headstone.

I wouldn't appreciate visiting a family member's gravesite with a pile of dog feces on the marker.

After thinking back over the summer, I recall many times I've seen people walk their dogs through the gate on the north end of the cemetery. They let the dogs defecate then they leave.

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I have also seen people park on the side of the street and in the cemetery, then let the dogs go free in the cemetery to defecate wherever, with no thought of picking up afterwards.

I am not pointing fingers at the pet owners that walk their dogs in the street.

I can't believe these other people are so disrespectful of the cemetery.

Maybe to keep the problem from getting out of hand, we need to lock the two upper gates and monitor the main gate.

Monty R. Ages

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