Money stolen from JW Snacks this week |

Money stolen from JW Snacks this week

Collin Smith

— The Craig Police Department responded to a burglary report at about 7:45 a.m. Monday at JW Snacks Gulf Coast Bar & BBQ.

Sergeant John Forgay said it appears the perpetrator or perpetrators took some money after using a cinderblock to break in through the back late Sunday night or early Monday morning. He would not comment about how much was taken.

The sergeant said police have people of interest in the case.

The JW Snacks burglary marks the second such high-profile theft on Victory Way in the past month. The Moffat County Courthouse was broken into Nov. 11 when staffers were off work for Veterans Day.

Among items taken were some digital cameras, laptops, keys to county vehicles and cash belonging to the local American Athletic Union basketball chapter.

The main floor and the court level were affected by the break-in, officials said, while the basement floor largely was left untouched.

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A complete list of what was taken has not been released, though police said there are people of interest in that case, too.

Forgay said there is no evidence to suggest the burglaries at the courthouse and JW Snacks might be related, and he added it is too early to say the city is seeing a burglary trend develop.

"I can't see a connection between the courthouse and JW Snacks," he said. "I don't think it's a trend. It appears to be more a case of opportunity for the money, which doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility in this economy."

Forgay recommended that owners assess security around their buildings and that they make sure there is enough lighting on the outside to deter potential burglars.

Forgay also recommended owners look into purchasing alarm systems, specifically ones that also have an audible alarm that sounds outside the building.

In addition, the sergeant said owners should be careful to make bank deposits every day and not keep much cash at their businesses overnight.

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