Monday Morning Chat: Angela Cordova |

Monday Morning Chat: Angela Cordova

Angela Cordova, a front desk agent at Hampton Inn & Suites, holds a bowl of fresh apples set out in the lobby for hotel guests. Cordova said she enjoys working at the hotel because it offers opportunities to make life a little easier for people weary from travel.

Where is your hometown? "I'm from St. Cloud, Minn." When did you first move to Craig? "I was traveling and going to different resorts, and I was in Steamboat about seven years ago, and then just moved here."

Favorite part of your job? "Helping out the customers and trying to accommodate everybody with what they're looking for and trying to make them comfortable. You get some customers who are happy and some who are grumpy, and I just like putting a smile on people's faces whether they've had a bad day or their kids are screaming and they just want to rip their hair out. I just want to make everyone happy, one way or another."

Favorite part of life in Northwest Colorado? "I love the mountains, I like the animals and seeing deer in town. It's a very friendly family town."

Favorite sport to watch? "Hockey. I don't really have a team, I'm just neutral, but I like watching it a lot. Watching everybody play is a lot more interesting than picking one team."

If your life were like a movie, what would you want it to be? "I think 'Miss Congeniality.' It's my favorite movie, and it's got a little bit of adventure in it, and it's about starting out as nobody and coming up where people know who you are and you're doing something good."

Celebrity crush? "When I was younger I'd have to say Leonardo DiCaprio. Now I'd say the guy from 'Step Up' and 'G.I. Joe,' Channing Tatum. I think he's a very good actor and he's a cutie. If I could meet him, I'd probably be speechless. "

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Musical group you'd most like to see reunite? "I'd have to say 'N Sync. I always loved them when I was a little girl. Their songs are original and don't have swear words or anything, they just talk about things that happen in life, falling in love. They were a clever group of guys that had perfect voices and they had great music for relationships. Guys would always play certain songs for girls, and girls would be playing them for breakups or something. I wish my kids could listen to stuff like that instead of swear words or racial comments, things like that."

Favorite meal from a local restaurant? "The barbecue spaghetti at J.W. Snack's. It's definitely different, and it's just one of those things that when you hear the name, you think, 'Ooh, really?' But when you try it, it's actually a very good meal, very tasty, very filling."

A store or restaurant you'd like to see in the area? "I'd say Sonic or Arby's for food. Arby's has got great curly fries, and not many places have those. And Sonic has the slushies and bigger burgers at a better price. I'd also want to see Target or Kohl's. Target's got better toys and prices on certain things and Kohl's has a better selection, and that's something Kmart and Walmart don't really have."

Proudest accomplishment? "My two kids. And, being away from home for so long. I've been away for seven years, and I go back and visit, but I just love it out here. Money doesn't put a price on what kind of experience you have out here."

Most embarrassing moment? "For me being a city girl in a small town, going to Mathers and meeting people, those were some of my most embarrassing moments. I've never been a wild person, but when I came out here about seven years ago, people there would never go out on the dance floor that much and I'd get a few drinks in me and start dragging people out on the dance floor and just dance silly. So, people would start to think, 'Well, I can't make a bigger fool out of myself than what she's doing' and just get more comfortable dancing. I've made a lot of friends that way."

— Interview by Andy Bockelman, For the Daily Press

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