Moffat County sees good turnout for election |

Moffat County sees good turnout for election

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Moffat County Elections supervisor Stephanie Beckett said she was pleased with the number of voters who turned out to have a say in Tuesday's general election.

"I am pleased with all the voters who turned out to cast their vote Tuesday," she said. "I was pleased they were patient with the lines, and everything seemed to run smoothly throughout the day."

A total of 4,623 votes were received by the elections department, meaning that about 52 percent of the 8,877 registered voters eligible for the general election cast their ballots Tuesday.

A total of 997 voters cast their ballots early and 1,806 residents voted by mail ballots. Of the remaining 1,820 voters, 1,633 voted at Centennial Mall, 28 at the Hamilton Community Center, 66 at the Maybell Community Center and 93 at the Dinosaur branch of the Moffat County Libraries.

There are still 68 provisional ballots waiting to be processed, Beckett said.

Beckett said there was a minor complication in the voting process as the polls began to close. Six minutes before 7 p.m., Beckett said the Statewide Colorado Registration & Election (SCORE) system, a statewide voter registration tool used in the voting process, crashed. Election results were delayed by about an hour due to the problem, Beckett said.

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The crash affected the whole state, Beckett said, but the cause of the problem is unknown.

As of Wednesday, there were 8,907 total registered voters in the county.

Of those, there are 4,655 registered Republicans, 1,389 registered Democrats, 38 members of other parties and 2,825 unaffiliated voters.

A total of 4,290 Moffat County residents voted in the 2006 general election and 5,912 in the 2008 general election. A total of 2,707 residents voted in the Aug. 10 primary election.

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