Moffat County School Board: Guiding principles |

Moffat County School Board: Guiding principles

To the editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to offer the following guiding principles that Moffat County School Board members will keep at the center of our discussions regarding our upcoming budget.

The mission of this board is, and continues to be, to foster intellectual development and academic achievement by providing our students with the educational foundation necessary to build the future of their choice.

• Remain true to our core beliefs — mission, vision, commitments and ideals — student learning results, collaboration, continuous improvement and systemic student interventions.

• Achieve a balanced budget, and do not tap our reserve fund.

• All district programs and services will be considered for redesign, reduction, supplementation or elimination using core beliefs.

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• Consider reduction through attrition, then furlough days and other means to reduce daily weekly hours before considering reductions in force.

It is our continued hope that you know we are approaching our budget discussions thoughtfully, methodically and thoroughly.

There is ample opportunity for people to voice their views and offer their input as to how we can work within our budget and still provide a quality education for every student. Due to fiscal circumstances outside of our control, creating a balanced budget will be a challenge. We accept this challenge and are optimistic that with the support of our community and our staff, we will weather this economic storm.

Please feel free to contact any board member or Dr. Petrone if you have any questions or ideas.

Jo Ann Baxter

Christine Balderston

Andrea Camp

Sandie Johns

Tony St. John

Trish Snyder

Karen Stillion

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