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Moffat County Republicans set primary ballot

Delegates to the Colorado State Convention in Denver:

• KC Hume

• Errica Hume

• T. Wright Dickinson

• Pam Foster

• Ann Dodd

• Ray Beck

• Glenda Bellio

• Jeff Comstock

• Chuck Grobe

• Rick Barnes

• Carol Haskins

• Dave Haskins

• Frank Moe

• Kerry Moe

• Robert Whitehead

• Carol Whitehead

• Brandi Meek

• Robert Aaberg

• Jeannie Durham

• Rod Durham

• Craig Rummel

• Lucila Strange

• Sharon Pletcher

• Larry Pletcher

• Tony St. John

• Maggie St. John

• John Pearson

• Audrey Danner

• Billie Jacobs, first alternate

• John Strange, second alternate

• Robert Malloy, third alternate

• George Rinker, fourth alternate

• Robin Schiffbauer, fifth alternate

For many local Republican candidates, the past several weeks were spent meeting delegates and polishing speeches for Saturday's Moffat County Republican Assembly.

The hard work paid off for one candidate in particular.

Chuck Grobe, a former Town of Hayden mayor and recent transplant to Craig, is running against incumbent Republican Audrey Danner for the Moffat County Commission District 2 seat.

Both Grobe and Danner decided to go through the assembly process in their quest to appear on the June 26 Republican primary election ballot.

To see their names on the ticket, Grobe and Danner needed to secure the support of 30 percent of the 92 delegates, or 28 votes.

Grobe garnered twice that number and will appear in top position on the ballot in June.

"I'm feeling relieved and pleasantly surprised," Grobe said. "You never know about these things going in. When you go up against an incumbent, you don't know how you're going to do, you don't know whether you're appealing to people as the new blood on the block."

Danner received 32 votes from the delegation and will appear on the primary ballot in second position.

She's already looking forward to conducting a grassroots campaign as she did before her reelection in 2010.

"Last time it worked very well for me to walk the neighborhoods, spend time on people's porches and talk," Danner said. "That's the best way to connect with people because there are so many areas we cover as commissioners it's always good to hear what really matters to residents."

The assembly delegation had only one more candidate to designate to the primary ballot, but because Dave DeRose does not have a Republican opponent in his race for the commission District 1 seat, the assembly decided to forgo a secret vote and designated DeRose to the ballot by acclimation.

"It feels good to be on the ballot and I'll work hard to get elected once I face some actual opposition," DeRose said. "Once the primary is over I do face some opposition in the general election and that's when I'll start doing some campaigning, meeting with people and advertising."

"I don't really have a set campaign theme, just Dave DeRose, I work hard for what I do, and I want to serve as county commissioner. Being county commissioner is not about me — I feel like it is my time to step up and spend some time in the barrel."

Rick Barnes attended Saturday's assembly as a delegate. He is trying to petition his way onto the primary ballot in his bid for the commission District 2 seat.

Barnes said he's about 100 signatures shy with a week left before the deadline.

"Oh, I'm going to make those up and then some," Barnes said. "The signatures I have received are from people outside of Craig in Maybell, Hamilton, Dinosaur and Greystone. I haven't knocked on a door in Craig yet."

Before adjournment, the delegation also designated 28 delegates and five alternates to the district and state conventions next month in Denver. All 33 slots were filled.

"I'm really pleased all 92 delegates were here and that we had so much interest from people to go to the state convention," said KC Hume, Moffat County Republican chairman. "It's a real positive sign for the party."

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