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Moffat County real estate transactions for June

The following is a listing of real estate transactions that took place in Moffat County in June 2012

Buyer: Maneotis, Andrew Jr.

Seller: North, Leroy & Susan L.

Address: 6395 County Road 15

Sale Price: $120,000.00

Buyer: L And W Elk Run Ranch, Llc

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Seller: Baysinger, Jeff D. & Timberly G.

Address: 45966 N. U.S. Highway 13

Sale Price: $283,871.00

Buyer: Hammond, Lance M. & Mary Sally

Seller: Hamilton, John Pr. & Sylvia

Address: 200 Johnson Trail

Sale Price: $250,000.00

Buyer: Bray, Olin E. Trust

Seller: Trabant, Galen D. & Kathlene S.

Address: Tr. 59, Bakers Peak

Sale Price: $61,000.00

Buyer: Butler, Alexandra

Seller: Bartlett, William B. Jr. & Anna O. Living Trust

Address: T8n R91w Sec. 21, 27-28, Desc.

Sale Price: $85,000.00

Buyer: Salsa De Tomate, Inc

Seller: Holland, Roy Lee-Est

Address: 21 S. Ranney St.

Sale Price: $175,000.00

Buyer: Webb, Charles A.

Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association

Address: 1283 Lincoln St.

Sale Price: $113,000.00

Buyer: Yarmer, Chad A. & Kristie L.

Seller: Mckey, Noel Kirk & Brenda Lynn

Address: 980 Alta Vista Drive

Sale Price: $395,000.00

Buyer: Colorado Housing & Finance Authority

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 778 Ashley Road

Sale Price: $173,000.00

Buyer: Daszkiewiez, Mark T.

Seller: Sherman, Jonny M. & Mary Kay

Address: 860 Bridger Circle

Sale Price: $175,000.00

Buyer: Everbank

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 375 West 12th St. West

Sale Price: $96,000.00

Buyer: Ketchum, Charlotte L. & Mccarthy, Shirley Ann

Seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

Address: 787 Washington St.

Sale Price: $80,000.00

Buyer: Cisar, Peggy & Schram, Stanley John

Seller: Pressley, David P. & Mary M.

Address: 1290 Alta Vista Drive

Sale Price: $346,750.00

Buyer: Gaertner, Charles & Melissa

Seller: Wells Fargo Bank

Address: 932 Ranney St.

Sale Price: $124,199.00

Buyer: Fandel, Anthony S. & Valarie L.

Seller: Serrano, Michael J. & Martin, Laurel A.

Address: 447 County Road 210 Sale

Price: $278,350.00

Buyer: Schoenthal, Philip D.

Seller: Bank Of New York Mellon

Address: 744 Taylor St.

Sale Price: $55,000.00

Buyer: Hill, David L. & Linda J.

Seller: Behringer, Richard R. Jr. & Deborah J. C.

Address: 850 Union St.

Sale Price: $285,000.00

Buyer: Mazzuca, Steven D.

Seller: Ashby, Thomas A. & Tracie J.

Address: 941 Legion St.

Sale Price: $156,500.00

Buyer: Gonzales, Dwayne W. & Laura E.

Seller: Shepherd, James L. Family Trust

Address: 889 Barclay St.

Sale Price: $170,000.00

Buyer: Mischke, Leeland L. & Mccormick, Jayne D.

Seller: Clarke, Kerrie & Dane

Address: 1066 Rangely Way

Sale Price: $220,000.00

Buyer: Bank Of America

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 365 Apple St.

Sale Price: $253,000.00

Buyer: Stehle, Lavan A.

Seller: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development

Address: 790 Yampa Ave.

Sale Price: $82,200.00

Buyer: Seely, Daniel D. & Ashleigh

Seller: Long, H. Michael

Address: 1334 County Road 64w

Sale Price: $16,000.00

Buyer: Bakker, Joseph John Trust

Seller: Aullman, Boyd & Wanda

Address: Lot 76, Skull Creek #5

Sale Price: $24,000.00

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