Moffat County Mud Runs: A race through pits in the rain |

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Moffat County Mud Runs: A race through pits in the rain


Listed below are the winners of Saturday’s Moffat County Mud Runs:

4- and 6-cylinder Class

  1. Casey McFarland

  2. Gary Rule

  3. Randy Merrick


  1. Travis Foote

  2. Jobeth Tupa

  3. Grant Dalton

Super Stock

  1. Donna Aldridge

  2. Oppie Smith

  3. Jason Vallejos


  1. Rick Lloyd

  2. Chase Baker

  3. Jake Hartung


  1. Tim Meyer

  2. Lucky Wall

  3. Dean Lawton


  1. John Davidson

  2. Tim Meyer

  3. Dean Lawton

One word could sum up how organizer Tim Meyer felt about Saturday's Moffat County Mud Runs at the Wyman Museum.

"Wet," he said.

But, the heavy rain and messy mud pits couldn't contain the racers, who braved the elements to blast through the 130-feet long mud pits.

"It might have been wet, but it was still a good time," Meyer said. "A little rain won't stop us."

The rain did keep the number of racers down, Meyer said.

"We had about half as many racers as normal," he said.

But, the extra rain made the pits messier, which is what the 32 racers look forward to, Meyer said.

The pits were much improved from last year, when the racers struggled to get out.

"I thought the pits did great," he said. "We have all the bugs worked out, and they're good now."

Donna Aldridge didn't have any problems with the pits — she was a first-time winner Saturday.

Her 302-cubic inch powered Ford Bronco was able to barrel its way through the mud and past the competition in the super stock class.

"It was awesome," she said. "It's the first time I've finished first, and I did it on my birthday, too."

Aldridge said she has had a number of second- and third-place finishes, but never a first.

In the 4- and 6-cylinder class, Casey McFarland was first, Gary Rule was second and Randy Merrick was third.

Travis Foote was first in the stock class, with Jobeth Tupa in second and Grant Dalton in third place.

In the super class, Aldridge finished first, followed by Oppie Smith and Jason Vallejos.

Rick Lloyd finished first in the pro class, while Chase Baker finished second and Jake Hartung finished third.

Meyer took the modified class, with Lucky Wall finishing second and Dean Lawton finishing third.

In the open division, John Davidson was first, Meyer second, and Lawton third.

The next mud run will be June 26 in Vernal, Utah, before returning July 17 to the Wyman Museum.

Aldridge said Saturday's weather helped her as she tried to get through the pits.

"It's so muddy and holey, and it kept getting wetter," she said. "That evened it all out, and it definitely helped."