Moffat County commissioner honored by congressman |

Moffat County commissioner honored by congressman

Rep. Scott McInnis presents Joe Janosec with a plaque for his years of service

Tyler Baskfield

Moffat County Commissioner Joe Janosec’s name echoed on the congressional floor earlier this fall.

Scott McInnis, R-Colo., District 8 representative, put together a tribute honoring Janosec for his outstanding service to Moffat County and the state of Colorado.

The tribute took place Sep. 7 in the House of Representatives. Janosec received a plaque outlining his contributions.

“Mr. Janosec began working in Colorado as an educator in 1962,” the plaque reads. “His desire to educate America’s youth led him to a career in education that spanned almost three decades. After serving as principal of Moffat County High School, he turned to elected office where his involvement was immense and his service admirable. In addition, Joe brought strong leadership abilities to a vast array of groups and organizations serving as a member of the Executive Board of the Colorado High School Activities Board, President of Western District CCI, Chair of the AGNC Coal Issues Committee and the Regional Transport-ation Committee.”

Janosec has served as a Moffat County Commissioner for 8 years. He could have run for another four-year term before being ousted by term-limits, but he chose to give up his seat.

Janosec was very proud of the honor bestowed by McInnis.

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“It’s very meaningful to me, especially coming from a man like McInnis,” Janosec said. “It was a big surprise and a welcome surprise. I would like to think that I put in the effort and the time to deserve this award.”

The tribute is well deserved, according to a statement on the plaque.

“Joe’s natural ability to lead and desire to serve his fellow man will be greatly missed,” it reads. “He has donated nearly a decade to serving his community and has ensured that it is a better place in which to live.”

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