Moffat County Commission Districts 2 and 3 up for grabs in today’s primary |

Moffat County Commission Districts 2 and 3 up for grabs in today’s primary

Brian Smith

With campaigns winding down, Moffat County Commission candidates reflected Monday on their efforts to win votes and how they think today's primary election will turn out.

Four candidates are running for two open commission seats in today's election.

Tony St. John is running against incumbent commissioner Audrey Danner for the District 2 seat, and Frank Moe is running against incumbent commissioner Tom Mathers for the District 3 seat.

Moe said he was waiting with "excited anticipation" for the election results.

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow because the citizens of Moffat County are going to tell us what they think and that is most important," he said yesterday.

Moe said he has worked hard during the campaign trail to "show the citizens of Moffat County that I care and would do a good job for them."

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"Just from my heart, I actually tried to prove to the citizens that this wouldn't just be a job to me," he said. "It would be a full-time commitment to me and that's why, morning, noon and night, I have thought of how can I relate to the people in Moffat County to show them my sincerity."

Moe said he didn't know if the election would be a tight race.

"I have put all my personal resources, all of my heart, mind and soul, into hoping to be the one they know can help them," he said.

Mathers said he was nervous about the outcome of today's race.

"It is one of those things to where you wake up one day and you feel, 'I've done a good job, I feel like my values and the values of the people of Moffat County are on the same page (and) … I've done a good job and I am going to win,'" he said.

"Then I wake up the next day and I think, 'Man, I've left some rocks unturned. I haven't done everything I need to get re-elected …"

But, during the campaign trail, Mathers said he has worked as "hard as I could for the time I was allowed to work on it."

"If you have got a 40-hour a week (job) that you have got to spend at the county … that gives them a 40-hour a week advantage over you, that they can go out and walk the streets and do the glad-handing," he said.

Mathers thinks it will be a close race between he and his challenger, but he "would sure like" to win the election, he said.

"I owe it to Moffat County to get re-elected because I know we are going through some rough times," he said.

St. John said he is not nervous about today's election.

"I mean, you either win or you lose," he said. "I'm hoping to win because I have things that I would like to do."

During his campaign, St. John said he has done his best to convince voters he is the best choice.

"It is the will of the people, basically," he said.

"If the people listen to each one of the candidates for county commissioner, they'll make their choice and I just hope it is for me."

St. John said he would "definitely" be relieved when the election is over.

"This is the first time that I've ran for this type of office that took all of the hard work that you have to do," he said.

St. John said tomorrow's election will be tight between he and Danner.

Danner said she is "ready for the outcome" of today's election.

"It has been very exciting to run my first campaign," she said. "I am ready to have a decision of the people and see how we will continue."

When asked if she was nervous about the race, she said she is "very focused on my job and my campaign."

"I believe by the questions and the emails and the responses that I have gotten when I walked door-to-door and when I talk to people about my campaign and listen to their concerns, I believe there are many people that are supportive of how I have worked hard," she said.

Danner said she believe she has done enough during her campaign to be elected to the commission.

"I have really been listening to people as I have walked door to door and listening to the questions they ask me and trying to understand how I can serve the community," she said.

Danner said she cannot predict the results of today's election.

"I just knew I needed to work hard on doing my job in the day, and then at night and weekends focus on my campaign," she said.

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