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Moffat County close to launching new website

At a glance

• New Moffat County website to launch on Sept. 14.

• The new URL for the website will be…, but traffic from, the old URL, will be redirected to the new address.

• County website project manager Jennifer Riley said the new site will feature an increased amount of information residents can access.

• Moffat County commissioner Audrey Danner hopes the website will help deliver more web-based county services to residents in the future.

• Riley said the website’s content will be managed by county departments allowing for updates to the site as the need arises.

After several months of planning, developing and data migration, Moffat County officials are almost ready to unveil the new county website.

County website project manager Jennifer Riley said the website will go live to the public on Sept. 14.

The county contracted with the Statewide Internet Portal Authority in March to provide an updated layout template and hosting services to the county and library's web presence.

County commissioner Audrey Danner said the services provided by SIPA are of no cost to the county.

Once finalized and launched, the site's new URL will be, not the old

Riley said traffic to the old URL would be redirected to the new site, however.

Riley said the biggest improvement to the site, aside from the new template and look, is the amount of information that can be accessed.

"A lot of the information on the old website was stale," she said. "It hadn't been updated in a year, two years, a long time. So this is all current information."

Riley said the site would be more user friendly, more dynamic and intuitive for residents to use.

The site will have links to a calendar of events, various county departments, elected officials, and community and state service information.

"I think it is going to be more user friendly for people that have never even been on the site before," she said. "I think once people kind of get used to it and try the new stuff, they'll like it."

Riley said the various county departments would manage the website's content, which will allow the site to be updated as the need arises.

"So if there is a change that needs to be made, we can update it and get it out onto the Internet quickly," she said.

Danner said the new website will be an easy and efficient way for residents to stay in touch with what their local government is doing.

Danner said she hopes the website will "really beef up" certain aspects of communicating with citizens.

"Hosting current information quickly on our website and getting it out to the media helps the citizens stay informed of current issues," she said. "(Which is important) so you know what we are doing as a commission, and what county employees are doing in the various departments."

Danner said she is "very pleased" with what she has seen of the website so far, and is eager to use the website to communicate the commission's stance on important issues such as drilling in Vermillion Basin and their opposition to Colorado House Bill 10-1365.

"I anticipate that citizens will find it much easier to use, much more intuitive and easier to find information of what is current, such as on Vermillion (Basin) or what we are doing on (Colorado) House Bill 1365," she said.

Danner said the county is looking to expand to the services it provides in the future with the website as the county determines what they have the ability to do.

"That will help our outlying areas of those people that aren't able to get into the courthouse between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.," she said.

Danner said the new website and increase in services could help with recent budgeting concerns and could possibly save the county money.