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Moffat County athletic director search continuing

High school seeking candidate to fill AD/assistant principal role

Moffat County High School officials are hoping to hire a new athletic director by the end of next week to give the new administrator time to prepare for the Bulldogs’ fall sports slate. The position will also include an assistant principal title.

The search for a new Moffat County High School athletic director will hopefully come to a close by the end of next week, MCHS Principal Thom Schnellinger said.

Schnellinger said balancing schedules and concerns for 14 high school teams is no easy task and the school district wants the right person for the job.

"The athletic director position is even more high-profile than the principal position," he said. "When the lights for football come on, everyone shows up. The athletic director is closely involved with the community and needs to be able to handle all situations."

Former athletic director Richard Wildenhaus resigned last month to take a job as assistant principal and athletic director at Fort Morgan High School.

Wildenhaus consulted with the Moffat County School District about adding an assistant principal title to his position, but was told district officials were not ready to move in that direction at the time.

The current job listing at MCHS is for an athletic director/assistant principal.

"We have had nine athletic directors who have worked with 41 coaches in just the past few years," Schnellinger said. "We want to try and close the revolving door on the AD job and the feeling is giving administrative responsibilities will help keep the new hire here for a longer period of time."

Schnellinger said school district officials don't have all the details on what job responsibilities the assistant principal title will entail, but they hope to bring someone in with human resources knowledge.

Overseeing the school's activities, such as clubs, will not be part of the new athletic director's job, Schnellinger said.

"We want the athletic director to focus more on athletics and being assistant principal, so giving the activities and clubs to another person worked the best," he said. "The athletic director's job doesn't end with summer, and with a new AD, that person is going to have to make the contacts they need, get involved with the community and still get things done for the fall sports."

Schnellinger said he is confident MCHS will hire someone who can get the job done.

"When it comes to sports, everyone has an opinion," he said. "Everyone has either coached, participated, or is a parent of an athlete. Our athletic director has to deal with a vast variety of people and situations."

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