Moffat agrees to let Dinosaur school get state oversight |
Christina M. Currie

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Moffat agrees to let Dinosaur school get state oversight

Moffat County School District officials have signed off on a request from the Dinosaur Com-munity Charter School to contract with the state for oversight.

It’s a move they didn’t want to make when Dinosaur residents proposed opening a charter school, but circumstances now have made them happy to.

“Our experience in trying to do it from this distance is that it’s difficult,” Assistant Superintendent Joel Sheridan said. “If the state institute could do it in a more-efficient manner, that would be great.”

DCCS officials filled out the request to be governed by the state Charter Schools Institute this month. If the request is approved, they’ll have until January to submit the necessary paperwork.

Sheridan said getting accepted is a year-long process.

“They’ll have to go through exactly what they went through with us,” he said.

If the Charter School Institute approves the application, then Dinosaur’s school no longer would be part of the Moffat County system, nor would the Moffat County School District be a funnel for state funding.

“It wasn’t that we were trying to necessarily buck the system, we were just trying to find a situation that works for everyone,” Dinosaur Community Charter School Principal Dana Forbes said. “It’s an extra burden on them to have to deal with us from all the way out there. If they didn’t have to, it might be kind of a load off them.”

Forbes said that being a member of the Charter School Institute would put the school more in tune with what’s happening with other charter schools.

The school is set to open Monday with an enrollment of 51 students, significantly higher than the school’s final tally of 22 last school year.

DCCS offers classes for students in kindergarten through seventh grade.