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Mike Wilson: Small world

To the editor: 

While on a train going between terminals at the Heathrow Airport in London, our son, Dr. Michael Wilson, overheard a young lady asking if someone could help her with some directions, since this was her first time outside the United States. Dr. Mike asked her where she was from and she said, "Baggs, Wyo." and a lady she was talking to also said, "Well, I was born in Meeker, Colo." It's a very small world when three different people meet on a train at an airport in London, England.

Dr. Mike is a 1975 graduate of Moffat County High School and was on his way to Ethiopia to teach a one-week class at a medical school there. He then will continue on into Uganda for another week to help in setting up a new laboratory at a hospital there. This is his seventh year going into Africa to teach and help hospitals and lab's. He has been the director of pathology and labs at the Denver Health Center for the past 20 years, this after getting his doctorate of medicine from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Mike is the son of former Moffat County residents Mike and Beverly Wilson.

Mike Wilson

Sequim, Wash.

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