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Mike Albee: Insurance to blame, too

To the editor:

For the sake of argument, let's pretend you are a member of the United States Congress and you are holding a town hall meeting somewhere back in your home state. 

The subject of the new health care reform comes up and you say you want to repeal it. Several parents express concern because some of them have kids that just graduated from college and are about to turn 23.

They have no job because of the economy and have no choice but to live at home. The parents say that under the new health care law, their children can be insured under their health plan until they turn 26.

If the health care law is repealed, they can't afford to buy insurance for their kids, which could result in catastrophic financial problems if their kids became sick or severely injured. 

Another parent stands up and says that their child has a genetic disorder and they have been unable to get insurance because of their child's pre-existing condition, which has resulted in bankruptcy because of medical costs. Under the new rules, they can now get health insurance for their child, but if it's repealed, that will be gone. Another person says that because lifetime limits on benefits have been eliminated, he will be able to continue his treatments for a serious chronic illness but he is concerned that his children may not have that advantage if the health care law is repealed.

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I am asking anyone out there to pretend that they are the congressman or congresswoman and explain to those people how repeal of the health care law is good for them and the country. Oh, and by the way, explain to your constituents how you plan to drop your own government sponsored health care plan and buy private insurance.

Oh, that's right, you have a pre-existing condition and can't get private insurance until 2014, so you'll go ahead and stay on your taxpayer funded health care until then.

On a final note, I hear politicians on both sides of the aisle say that we all have to sacrifice to cut spending and reduce the deficit.

Seniors on fixed income, middle class families, and lower income families get a benefit cut while the ultra rich get a tax cut. Oh yeah, we all have to sacrifice.

Mike Albee

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