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Michael J. Chivington: Killing not honorable

To the editor:

On Nov. 20, Richard Kendall, of Craig, crawled into a 703-pound black bear's cave and shot it from about six feet away.

Kendall seemed very proud of himself. What a good boy he was. He killed only because he could, not for food, not to defend himself from attack. He only shoots bears who are cornered in caves and cannot run away or shoot back.

One could break a window with a baseball bat, but does that justify breaking windows?

Kendall killed a bear whose only crime was to have survived in a hostile world and who had gone about his business of being a bear in nature's harsh and demanding environment.

Kendall shames me. His killing of this animal is a crime. It is a crime of willful and dishonorable intention. This killing served no purpose other than to prove that, yes, since he could kill something, then that is what he did. (I wonder how Mr. Kendall would fare up against an opponent who was equally armed?)

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This crime is my crime too, society's crime also, in that we tolerate it. That we, as a society, condone or even honor it, shows how little is our respect for life.

That you as a responsible newspaper would not respond to this event as less than honorable, speaks volumes about your collective ethics and principles regarding this matter.

Michael J. Chivington

Bremerton, Washington

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