Metal concert set for Thursday in Craig |

Metal concert set for Thursday in Craig

If you go …

What: Dissonance in Design Neurotransmitting Tour

When: 5 p.m. Thursday

Where: The Center of Craig, 601 Yampa Ave.

— Denver metal band Dissonance in Design, fronted by Craig native Sam Johnson, will perform with a variety of musical acts, including names like Vale of Pnath, Dekatur, Unreasonable Human and Xenocarnage.

When Sam Johnson came to his hometown of Craig last summer, his intent was to rock the place.

With that mission accomplished, the only thing left to do is repeat the feat, only bigger.

Denver metal band Dissonance in Design will perform Thursday night at The Center of Craig along with multiple other musical acts from around the Denver area.

The show is a return for some of the bands, who performed in June 2011 at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center as part of "The Ugly Circus."

At the time, Johnson fronted a metal band dubbed Sunday Massacre, along with fellow Craig native Evan Hertzog. Johnson and Hertzog joined Dissonance, who also performed with "The Ugly Circus" as a two-piece band, after breaking up with Sunday Massacre.

"Sunday will always be a great band and a lot of people still love it, but Dissonance is a whole new monster and we've created our own little universe," Johnson said.

The lineup for Dissonance in Design consists of vocalist Johnson, Hertzog on bass, drummer Zac Patuto and Harrison Patuto on guitar.

"Harry's only 17 and he's got to be one of the best guitarists in Colorado," Johnson said.

Dissonance released an album, "Neurotransmitting an Epiphany," in October.

Johnson said the sound of his new group is notably different than Sunday Massacre.

"It's just more melodic, beautiful music," he said. "(Zac and Harrison) put their heart and souls into what they write and I'm lucky enough to get to sing for them."

Dissonance, whose tour will progress to venues in Grand Junction and on to Nevada and California throughout June, will be accompanied by bands from around the Denver area such as Dekatur, Xenocarnage, Unreasonable Human, Vale of Pnath and more.

"We'll be having Biological Meltdown opening up for us, too, and they're a local band that a lot of people know," Johnson said.

Johnson said the success of "The Ugly Circus" last year made him want to ensure Craig would be a stop on the tour.

"It was amazing to see what kind of energy these kids had, and that's why we wanted to bring it back here," Johnson said. "The love for music is what we strive for with these crowds."

Johnson credited Beryl Dschaak, owner of Thunder Rolls, with helping bring the scene to Craig.

"She's a great lady and playing at the bowling alley was great, but we'll have a little more room this time," Johnson said. "We just want to have everyone come and rock out with us because last time the age ranged from 16-year-olds to 40-year-old dudes, so it was a pretty diverse crowd."

Johnson said the local audience can expect an even bigger show than "The Ugly Circus."

"It's going to be louder, heavier, and all the bands are going to be really tight," he said.

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