Meeting this weekend on lesser prairie chicken management |

Meeting this weekend on lesser prairie chicken management

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has scheduled a public meeting for 6 p.m. Feb. 4 at Lamar Community College to discuss the lesser prairie chicken management plan, the agency announced in a news release.

Lesser prairie-chickens are mid-sized ground-nesting birds weighing from one to two pounds that are members of the grouse family. The birds occupy a range that includes portions of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Representatives from state and federal agencies will be on hand to discuss the management plan jointly developed by wildlife biologists from Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The goal of the lesser prairie-chicken management plan is to establish strategies to preserve lesser prairie-chicken habitat sufficiently to keep them from becoming a threatened species.

The lesser prairie chicken was proposed as a "threatened" species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in November 2012.

Members of the public are encouraged to join in a discussion on managing lesser prairie-chickens and the implications to southeastern Colorado. Any interested parties are encouraged to attend. For information, or to provide written comments, please contact Brian Dreher, Senior Wildlife Biologist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 4255 Sinton Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907 or by phone at 719-227-5220.

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