Meeker High School alumni continue to give back to alma mater |

Meeker High School alumni continue to give back to alma mater

Jamie Hallman

Some of Meeker High School’s alumni teach and serve on committees and the school board to continue to maintain and improve the educational experience at the Meeker School District.

“By being on the board (of education) I was not sitting back and letting things happen,” alumnus Cathie Dolan said. “We are a society that seems to need to be involved.”

She said she served on the accountability committee, the school board and helped reinstate baseball at the high school during the 13 years she has volunteered her time in the schools. During the time she served, her son went through the district and he graduated last year.

“It was fun to watch him go through high school,” she said.

She said she worked hard to ensure her son received the best education possible but did not live vicariously through his activities.

“I wanted it to be his experience,” she said. Dolan said her motivation to get involved stems from her parents’ involvement in her youth

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“My parents were great role models,” she said. “They were involved in all our activities.”

Even as grandparents, she said her mom and dad were supportive of her son and attended many of his sports events.

With the workload of a full- and part-time job, Dolan hasn’t been involved in the schools for the past two years. She said she would probably get involved again.

Dolan said the district has some challenges ahead.

“I think with our declining enrollment it’s going to be hard to maintain high-quality education and activities if we don’t find another way to fund it,” she said.

Dolan said Superintendent Karen Benner has been the financial wizard that has kept the district fiscally sound.

Other members of the Meeker High School alumni match the dedication of Dolan.

Willy Theos graduated from Meeker High School and returned to eventually take a position as a fifth-grade teacher and a wrestling coach.

Theos said his school experience in Meeker helped him realize that he wanted to teach.

“I had a couple of really good teachers,” he said.

Theos credits his high school biology teacher who also was his wrestling coach as having one of the largest impacts on his life.

He said returning to teach was interesting as he got to know his students as well as teach with some of his former teachers.

Theos said the support of the community contributes to the success of the Meeker school.

He said as a teacher he rarely sees parents miss parent-teacher conference and as a coach he receives a lot of parent support for the


“At wrestling events, we have outstanding fan support,” he said. “Our kids respond to that.”

Other alumni members do not live in Meeker but maintain their ties to the school in other ways.

A meeker High School alumnus Chris Lines currently lives in San Diego. He said he doesn’t have many direct ties to the schools but reads the newspapers to follow how well the wrestling team is doing.

Lines said that Meeker teacher Kathy Collins is primarily responsible for keeping his class of

1987 together.

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