MCTA opts for part-time help instead of full-time director |

MCTA opts for part-time help instead of full-time director

Brian Smith

The Moffat County Tourism Association board revisited Wednesday the issue of whether to make the organization's executive director a full-time position.

However, the board approved, 5-0, hiring a part-time employee to help director Marilynn Hill with administrative and clerical duties.

The personnel requisition will need to be approved by the Moffat County Commission.

Bryce Jacobson, Craig Daily Press publisher and MCTA board member, made the motion to seek hiring the 10-hour per week employee, who would work until the end of the year.

MCTA originally discussed making Hill's position, which is capped at 30 hours per week, full time at its September meeting.

At the September meeting, Hill said the city of Craig's 6.9-percent lodging tax proposal played on the board's decision not to allow her to become full time.

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However, Hill said Wednesday the board did not discuss the lodging tax measure, which was turned down by city voters in the Nov. 2 general election.

Instead, Hill said the reason for the discussion about her position arose because of ongoing talks of how to best use the organization's available funds and hours.

"Is it to go full time with knowing the increased cost would be there?" she said. "Or, do we hire contractors to do that same amount, but split it up between the contractor and the part-time MCTA director?"

The new position, Hill said, will help free up time for her to focus on marketing and promoting the county.

"I spend probably 40 to 50 percent of my time on administrative functions," she said.

Hill said she was pleased with the board's decision.

"If I am over there making copies and doing all these things, that certainly is not using an executive director well in their position," she said.

Another reason for the talks about her position, Hill said, came from a decision made by the board Wednesday.

The board approved giving 30 days notice to cancel agreements with the Craig Chamber of Commerce and Museum of Northwest Colorado on Dec. 1.

Hill said the agreement with the Chamber concerns funding of the Moffat County Visitor Center services, and the agreement with the museum concerns MCTA's office space lease.

Hill said the board has considered moving the MCTA office from the museum to the Chamber of Commerce building, but no agreement has been reached.

"It is basically to open up the lines of communication and not to limit funding," she said of canceling both agreements.

Jacobson agreed.

"MCTA is in a time of transition trying to ensure that we manage the lodging tax dollars … responsibly," Jacobson said. "In the midst of working that out with the Chamber of Commerce, my ultimate goal was to have a tourism director where the tourists go."

Jacobson said it was "prudent" to give Hill assistance with the tasks assigned by the MCTA board and to not make a "long-term decision" considering the negotiations.

"As we go forward in negotiations with the Chamber, our world may be a little bit different with the goal of spending taxpayer dollars correctly," he said.

Jacobson said he was unsure if the board would resume talks of making the position full-time after negotiations with the Chamber of Commerce and the museum were resolved.

"That is up to the MCTA board," he said.

MCTA seeks applicants

Hill said MCTA currently has two vacant board positions. The positions opened after Renee Campbell and Elisa Hayes resigned.

At the end of December, the terms of board members Annie MacGregor and Kandee Dilldine will also expire, Hill said.

Hill said the two members have expressed interest in reapplying for the position, but MCTA would advertise for the positions, as required.

Moreover, Hill said she would like to have a "fully seated" board by January.

"I believe that the more minds you have at the table, you have a lot more ability to make the changes because they all have ideas that are really good," she said. "So, brainstorming becomes not just the people who are currently at the table, but you are always bringing in new blood, and I think that is really important."

Letters are currently being accepted for the open positions. Interested applicants may send a letter of interest to Erin Miller, 221 W. Victory Way, or an e-mail to

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