MCHS swimming qualifies 2 for state |

MCHS swimming qualifies 2 for state

Moffat County High School swimmers Jessica Prather, left, and Riley Johnston work to sharpen their form in the water with fingertip drills during a practice session in the Moffat County High School swimming pool. The girls, both sophomores, competed in the weekend’s Montrose Invitational, where the girls swim team placed eighth. Sophomore diver Larissa Grammer qualified for the state championships in the meet, as did Steamboat Springs freshman Amy Brodie in the 100-yard butterfly

MCHS girls swimming results from Montrose Invitational

(Swimmer, Time, Place)

50-yard backstroke

Riley Johnston, 0:57.25, 46

Jessica Prather, 0:50.18, 39

Tiarra Schroeder, 0:52:62, 41

50-yard breaststroke

Riley Johnston, 0:53.40, 23

Danielle Knez, 0:44.42, 15

50-yard freestyle

Riley Johnston, 0:40.80, 44

Jessica Prather, 0:40.29, 40

Tiarra Schroeder, 0:48.58, 57

100-yard backstroke

Danielle Knez, Disqualified

Mary Penner, 1:34.67, 29

Jessica Prather, 1:52.14, 39

Tiarra Schroeder, 2:05.04, 41

100-yard breaststroke

Marlee Chacon, 1:37.10, 15

Danielle Knez, 1:46.92, 16

100-yard butterfly

*Amy Brodie, 1:05.00, 2

100-yard freestyle

Riley Johnston, 1:46.08, 57

Danielle Knez, 1:24.27, 45

Jessica Prather, 1:44.81, 55

100-yard individual medley

Marlee Chacon, 1:28.59, 15

200-yard breaststroke

Marlee Chacon, 3:28.20, 12

200-yard butterfly

Amy Brodie, Disqualified

200-yard freestyle

Marlee Chacon, 2:53.54, 23

Mary Penner, 2:33.77, 9

200-yard individual medley

Amy Brodie, 2:33.77, 8

200-yard medley relay

Amy Brodie, 2:24.72, 13

Marlee Chacon

Danielle Knez

Mary Penner

200-yard freestyle relay

Amy Brodie, 2:24.75, 19

Mary Penner

Jessica Prather

Tiarra Schroeder

400-yard individual medley

Amy Brodie, 5:57.77, 3

400-yard medley relay

Amy Brodie, 5:45.30, 13

Marlee Chacon

Danielle Knez

Mary Penner

400-yard freestyle relay

Amy Brodie, 4:53.08, 15

Marlee Chacon

Danielle Knez

Mary Penner

(Diver, Total Score)

1-meter diving

*Larissa Grammer, 324.65

• The team placed eighth overall out of nine teams

  • denotes state qualifier

Climbing onto the diving board Saturday at the Montrose Aquatic Center, Moffat County diver Larissa Grammer felt some butterflies in her stomach about being in competition again.

But, her nerves subsided as she did what she does best, plunging off the board with a combination of force and grace. And, by the end of the day, she learned that she had no cause to be nervous for the rest of the season.

"It was like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders," she said.

Grammer was one of two members of the MCHS girls swim team to qualify for the state championships during the team's weekend meet, the Montrose Invitational. The meet, held Friday and Saturday, was the first of the season for the team, which placed eighth overall out of the nine teams.

Coach Meghan Francone said the team was hurt by low turnout, with five girls unable to attend because of illness, prior commitments and incomplete registration.

Many of the swimmers missing the meet swam last year, including sophomores Eryn Leonard and Hannah Kirk, leaving the team with many open slots.

"We just don't have the numbers that a lot of the bigger teams do," Francone said.

Though the team lacked a sufficient number of swimmers to help boost the overall score, the individual results were encouraging, Francone said, especially with many girls trying different events.

"This was the first meet for a lot of girls, and they're picking it up extremely quickly," she said. "I pushed every single girl in this meet. I try to push them to try things that aren't always easy because I want to instill those values in them."

One of the novices is Steamboat Springs freshman Amy Brodie, who suffered a setback on the first day, choking on water during the 200-yard butterfly event, causing her to be disqualified.

Francone said she saw a new determination in Brodie the next day, as the freshman finished her first high school meet with a guaranteed trip to state in February.

Besides placing third in the 400-yard individual medley on Saturday, Brodie placed second in the 100-yard butterfly, swimming the event in one minute and five seconds flat.

She beat the 4A state qualifying time of one minute, 6.30 seconds by about one second.

"One second is all you need," Francone said. "It's a huge accomplishment. Both of those girls should be very proud."

Grammer said she was ecstatic when she learned she had qualified, with a score of 324.65 for her 11 dives, topping the minimum 300 necessary for state.

"I was pretty much skipping around the pool," she said.

Grammer, a sophomore, narrowly missed the qualifying score for state last season.

"I'm glad that I don't have to worry about qualifying in any other meets now," she said. "I can go for harder dives now and I don't have to worry if messing up means that I won't get to go to state. I can have fun without stressing out as much."

Grammer said overthinking can be disastrous.

"You can't get intimidated or everything will go wrong," she said. "I can't speak for the swimmers, but it seems like it's always tough without the whole team because they support each other."

Francone said she expects good results from this Saturday's meet, League Relays at Mesa State College. She expects the entire team to be in attendance.

"I'm extremely excited for them. They've all stepped up," she said. "These are some girls to watch, every single one of them."