MCHS golf team’s first tourney of the season rained out |

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MCHS golf team’s first tourney of the season rained out

Ken Harjes, head coach of the Moffat County High School boys golf team, liked what he saw from his team Monday at Bookcliff Golf Course in Grand Junction.

Problem is, there wasn't enough of it.

The golf team was rained out of its first tournament, and the first official sporting event of the MCHS fall sports season Monday. The team played 10 holes before storms moved in.

The team had to stop and start four times before the tournament was called off at 5 p.m.

As soon as the first delay was over, the golfers were back on the greens.

No sooner had play resumed, than it stopped again, Harjes said.

"They were able to get in three holes before the lightning came back," he said. "We had another delay, got three holes in, then had a fourth delay.

"By 5 p.m., we had been out there for five hours, and only got in nine or 10 holes."

But, the time spent on the course was not wasted, Harjes said.

"It was a good way to break the kids in," he said. "It's good for them to be able to get out and practice on another course, even if they aren't playing the whole day."

But, when the rain wasn't falling, the shots were, Harjes said.

"I thought Mark (Dockstader) was shooting really well," he said. "He played 10 holes, and was one over.

"In fact, if we hadn't been rained out, I think Mark could have won it, or at least have been in the top five."

Other golfers had mixed results during the first tournament, Harjes said.

"Parker (King) wasn't too far behind Mark," he said. "I think he was three or four over when they called it off.

"Colby (Haddan) and Trey (Jourgensen) were kind of in-between."

The on-and-off tournament play Monday probably impacted his team's scores, Harjes said.

"It's tough having to play for a little while, then stop and stand around," he said. "You can't get warmed up. It was like as soon as we would get warmed up, we would have to go in and sit around for a little while."

With a more promising weather outlook today, the team will play at 9 a.m. at the Bridges Golf Course in Montrose. At 8:30 a.m. Thursday, the team will play at Black Canyon, also in Montrose.