MCHS girls golf team finishes 4th in home tourney |

MCHS girls golf team finishes 4th in home tourney

Results …

MCHS girls varsity golf team:

(Player — score)

• Sam Fox — 88

• Caitlin Harjes — 106

• Katie Rice — 114

• Katelyn Peroulis — 138

— Fox was the only member of the varsity team to make the Top 10, placing third. Harjes placed 10th on Tuesday in Rifle, shooting 96.

MCHS JV team:

• Shianna Dockins — 109

• Alex Bulla — 125

— Dockins won the JV tournament.

Peroulis placed second in Rifle, with a 121.

Top teams:

(Team — combined score)

  1. Montrose — 254
  2. Rifle — 268
  3. Palisade — 294
  4. MCHS — 308
  5. Gunnison — 313

— 11 4A teams competed, as well as one 5A team. JV groups were not ranked. MCHS placed third in Tuesday’s Rifle Invitational.

Monday was a day of mixed emotions for Moffat County High School senior Sam Fox.

On one hand, she finished a round of 18 holes with a personal best.

On the other, it was the last time she would play for MCHS with the same teammates at the course that had become so familiar to all of them.

Still, the season isn't over yet.

The MCHS girls varsity golf team placed fourth in the Moffat County Invitational at Yampa Valley Golf Course.

Fox led the day in scoring for the Bulldogs, shooting an 88, her best score ever.

Combined with sophomore Caitlin Harjes' 106 and a 114 from freshman Katie Rice, the varsity team's overall score was 308.

Fox also placed third individually in the tournament, 12 strokes behind Montrose's Kala Keltz and Rifle's Taylor Walters, who tied for first with a 76.

Walters was declared the winner after multiple tiebreakers, but Montrose beat out 11 4A teams and one from 5A to win the tournament with a combined score of 254.

Fox said the day went smoothly for her until she hit the ninth hole.

"I was hitting a lot of shots in the dead grass," she said. "It kind of screws up your swing, so it went nowhere."

Coach Ann Marie Roberts said the ninth hole was problematic for many players, both those familiar with the course and those playing it for the first time.

Roberts said the amount of practice put in at YVGC has made a big impact on her players in knowing what to expect from the course.

"Just being home makes a huge difference and you only get one (home tournament), so they take advantage of it," she said. "The greens here are smaller and that can be harder to come in and hit, but they've really been reading the breaks."

Results varied for MCHS golfers.

While varsity's Katelyn Peroulis, a freshman, struggled with a 138 for the day, sophomore Shianna Dockins claimed a 109 to win the JV section of the tournament.

Junior Alex Bulla shot a 125 and tied for fifth in JV but lost a tiebreaker that would have brought her a medal.

"It's pretty average for me, but there were a few holes I had trouble on," she said. "I think I was just thinking a little too much. Once I stopped thinking so much and calmed down, I did better."

Roberts said her players' performance was about up to her expectations, though she would have liked to see some of her varsity members take less strokes.

"They all have a good knowledge of the course and they're comfortable, but some of the fairway shots really killed them today," she said.

Fox said she was glad to be playing at home, though the fact that it was her last meet at the course stuck in her mind.

"I'm pretty sad about it, but I'm not going to be playing much golf after high school," she said.

After leaving MCHS, Fox will study nursing in Casper, Wyo. Roberts said she will miss having her current lineup next season.

"They're just a really good group of girls," she said.

The Bulldogs still have regionals and state ahead of them.

Fox placed fourth in a match in Gunnison last week, giving her a good sense of what she'll see at the regional tournament May 7 and 8, which will be hosted at the same location.

It's the event two weeks later she's worried about.

"I'm really kind of scared about going to state," she said, "They're having it in Greeley this year, and I've never even been there."

Results were mixed the next day in Rifle, where the team placed third out of 12 teams.

Harjes was the only MCHS golfer to break 100 with a 96, placing her 10th overall.

Peroulis improved as well, placing second in the JV section and shooting a 121.

Fox's score rose to 103, while Rice brought hers down to 108.

Dockins and Bulla both struggled in Rifle, shooting 135 and 150, respectively.

Roberts said a higher score doesn't necessarily mean the girls are playing badly, just adjusting to different circumstances, such as the colder weather in Rifle.

"Each time they go out there, they just get better in some way," she said.

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