MCEA: Vote no on State Bill 191 |

MCEA: Vote no on State Bill 191

To the editor:

Colorado Senate Bill 191 is an irresponsible, unfunded mandate.

Teachers want a fair, credible evaluation system. But, there's no money to pay for it.

The state's K-12 funding situation is appalling — in the bottom 10 states in the nation.

The legislature cut districts in the middle of this year and slashed a quarter of a billion dollars of K-12 funding for next year.

The Moffat County School District is scheduled to make $1.1 million in cuts for the 2010-11 school year. Like Moffat County, districts across Colorado are being forced to cut programs and people at a time when education is more important to students and their families than ever before.

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The legislature is compelling districts to pay for S.B. 191, while only committing to "gifts, grants, and donations."  The cost of a new evaluation system is not in the budget for Moffat County schools.

Districts will be forced to pay the costs of a new evaluation system, new student tests to measure teachers' effectiveness, and more principals to evaluate every teacher every year, increasing administrative costs in school districts.

S.B. 191 is too much for school districts to deal with at this time, especially when they are cutting student programs and services to balance the budget.

The Moffat County Education Association urges all Colorado voters to email their legislators asking them to vote no on S.B. 191.  

The burden on our district is too costly at this time.

Our legislators can be reached at:

Moffat County Education Association

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