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MCEA: Let’s do reform right

To the editor:

School reform is happening in Colorado.

Since 2008, educators been working on a massive overhaul of public education called CAP4K.

Under this comprehensive program, Colorado has already defined college and workforce readiness, and developed and adopted new standards for what students should know and be able to do.

School districts will now realign curriculum and make sure they are teaching to new standards. The next step is developing new assessments to measure student achievement of those standards.

Unfortunately, state legislators just called a timeout on this systematic, research-based reform because there's no money to fund it.

CAP4K says the State Board of Education shall adopt a testing system by Dec. 15 — "or as soon thereafter as fiscally practicable."

Meanwhile, legislators are pushing through Senate Bill 191, an untested and unworkable reform measure. And because there's no money to fund it, they're planning to pay for it with "gifts, grants and donations."

Let's focus our efforts — and our time and money — on the responsible reform already in progress.

As funds become available, they should be applied to continuing the CAP4K work that follows a logical progress of reform.

S. B. 191 is a diversion Col-

orado districts and students can't afford.

We urge all Colorado voters to contact our legislators, asking them to vote no on S.B. 191. Our legislators can be reached at:

Moffat County Education Association