Matt Beckett: Willems for council |

Matt Beckett: Willems for council

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to ask my friends and neighbors to join me in voting for Byron Willems for Craig City Council.

I have had the privilege of working with Byron over the past four years as both a firefighter for Craig Fire/Rescue and Moffat County director of the Grand Futures Prevention Coalition.

Byron and the entire council have been exemplary in withstanding a recession and have done so without cutting services or reducing staff. In a time when many cities are instituting furloughs and cutting services, the current council deserves credit for its wise fiscal approach and planning.

Byron showed a willingness to take a stand on hot button topics like medical marijuana dispensaries. He firmly opposed the ordinance that created zoning and operational regulations and advocated instead for their ban.

Even as I worked to make provisions to move dispensaries away from schools and parks, Byron remained steadfast in his belief that the council was working toward a solution the voters of Craig would be against.

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His stance was recently supported in the 2010 election, when more than 58 percent of Moffat County voted to ban dispensaries in Moffat County.

Byron was instrumental in introducing the social host ordinance that was passed in October 2009.

I had many discussions with Byron in preparing the introduction of the social host ordinance and throughout the meetings it became apparent that he truly cared for the youth in our community and was willing to do something he felt could help youth avoid harm and risk.

That is a trait that we can never have enough of as our schools struggle for funding and the probability of risk increases from year to year.

We need community leaders who are willing to take stands with youth in mind. I would also like to thank the other council members who supported this ordinance — Terry Carwile, Gene Bilodeau and Ray Beck.

Byron has continually proven himself an asset to the city council with his approach to fiscal management, his eye for the future and most importantly, his willingness to protect our youth from risk and harm.

Again, I ask you to join me in voting for Byron Willems for Craig City Council.

Matt Beckett

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