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Mary Jo Brown: Spread kindness

Mary Jo Brown

Mary Jo Brown

The holiday rush is over, so now let us view January as a time for the making of new memories and new beginnings. Snow is gently falling, in the distance the sun is trying to break through the clouds, and I am sitting here quietly taking in the beautiful winter scene. I begin to think about how now is a good time to look forward to a year full of new chapters in my life to write about.

Because of my physical condition, my faith will be the main factor in how far I get in my quest for what I want to be able to do with my time. As each new day comes, the obstacles like laundry, bills and other things mount up to look like an insurmountable block in the way of my dreams and aspirations. This is when I draw on my faith and beliefs to take an inventory of all I already have and a sense of order and harmony comes again.

It is hard to know where one thing starts and another ends as life is full of unexpected happenings and we need to really work to keep the harmony in our life. The daily stress that seems to be inevitable doesn't need to be. We need to think about what really matters, what difference is this thing that is stressing me out right now going to make in a year’s time? Is it really worth all the energy I am spending on it or is it just another one of life's little things that I really shouldn't worry about that much? At the end of the day, am I going to be able to say I did well and be pleased with myself and how I treated others?

Things in our lives can change quickly without any warning so we need to live every day knowing that what we have today are the makings of the memories we will have in our tomorrows. Strive to make the most of your days, live life as if each day may be your last day on Earth, make those calls to those you love, spread kindness, help others and go for your dreams. Don't make resolutions, take your dreams, hopes and aspirations and make them come true by going forward and making your future more of what your life needs no matter how many times you have to try or how hard it seems. After all, we always can have our dreams and hope is there for us if we believe. If nothing else it will give us something to write about, but whatever you do, I hope you have the best year ahead and may this year be one of the best chapters in the book of your life.

Happy birthday wishes to Haley Bellin-VanGrandt, Dorothy Tabor and Wade Gagnon.

Get well wishes to all those ailing.

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