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Mary Jo Brown: Colorful days

Mary Jo Brown

Mary Jo Brown

We are in what I like to call the "hump” in March. It is the time of Mari Gras and St. Patrick's' Day, which is not a main holiday, has its place on the calendar.

The grass may not be as green as should be but the green in stores makes up for it with items associated with St. Patrick's Day. The shamrock seems to be the chosen symbol for decoration in March and the use of green is abundant to the point of some rivers even temporarily being turned green.

I used to think of Ireland as the land of wonderful surprises. I discovered leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows and getting pinched if not wearing green were some of my favorite St. Patrick traditions. It also caused me to wonder if leprechauns were really real.

When I was older, we lived in a different town and there was an added discovery of the St. Patrick's Day parade, with its tall hats and expressions of "Erin goes Baugh." I had a teacher from England who wore orange instead of green. She explained that it was the tradition in England, to do so and to make sure I was covering all the bases, I would wear both orange and green. Now I put on a little green, which is the color I see the most. Actually, green is a very prominent color that can be found in various shades, some of my favorites being jade, sage and mint. Sage reminds me of open spaces, peaceful country to explore. Mint is a refreshing flavor to enjoy in a lot of ways, and jade makes me think of a serene place connected to an almost church like quietness.

One thing most related to the day, aside from the use of green, is the serving of corned beef and cabbage. It is interesting that there are several recipes to make this, some containing potatoes some not. I think it depends on just how authentic you want to be and what type of recipe was handed down to the family.

Now matter what you associate with the day, it is all a good sign of people getting into the spirit of spring with fun and lively energy. There is the spirit of not only doing things for St. Patrick's Day but also doing things because you want to help others in a more spiritual way.

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