Marquilla Hood: Too cold to play outside |

Marquilla Hood: Too cold to play outside

To the editor:

When is it too cold for children to play outside at school?

According to the Moffat County School District, it is 10 degrees with wind chill. I believe that is too cold for children.

I know that my kids are not going to play outside at home in that weather, and I don't believe they should at school, either.

I feel other parents may feel the same way. I am just wondering how many parents there might be.

For me to try to get school policy to change, I need support from others.

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How many parents think that 10 degrees is too cold for elementary children to be outside for recess?

If you or your children have grown up here, parents should have some kind of say when it is too cold for their child to be outside at school.

Kids need and should be kids, but in appropriate weather.

Marquilla Hood

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