Marla Jackson: Open to interpretation |

Marla Jackson: Open to interpretation

To the editor:

I admit I did not read the article in the Post Script on homosexuality that pastor Dale Potter has referred to in his letters.

However, his letter certainly hit a hot spot with me.

I respect very much that he took verses from the Bible to prove his point, but I don't believe that just because God created a man and a woman that he meant for every single person to mate and reproduce.

Of course, it takes a man and a woman to do so, but what about couples who marry and never have children? Are they committing mortal sins?

I have learned in my life that homosexuality has very little to actually do with sex and more to do with the chemical makeup in the brain. I sincerely believe that people are born either gay or straight.

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Who in the world would choose to face the bigotry they face on a daily basis? And why would such a loving and forgiving God put someone on this Earth to live their entire life as a lie just to avoid not being who they truly are?

I think the Bible is a wonderful tool to build a foundation for a healthy life; I just think much of it is open to our own individual interpretations, not necessarily what has been shoved down our throats for generations.

And I, for one, do not believe homosexuality to be a sin. I suppose we will all be judged one day, and I hope that until then people could open their minds and really focus on what's important, not the trivial stuff such as sexuality.

Marla Jackson

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