Mark Parchman: Use reason on deer issue |

Mark Parchman: Use reason on deer issue

To the editor:

Many have wrote that "few" and "not many" want the deer eliminated to some degree. I, for one, would like someone to provide an Internet link that shows there are only a few, or direct me to some survey or poll for support of your statements, please.

There just simply are none that I'm aware of and thus, there are no facts for those statements. The same can be said for those who keep saying the Colorado Division of Wildlife wants to "kill, kill, kill."

I read them to say they could kill, sterilize, or trap and move with poor results. Craig asked the DOW what could be done and they supplied their professional opinion of what they could do.

Those that didn't like that have attacked the DOW and then asked if there is anything else that can be done. They ask for ideas and have none, except to say leave the deer alone.

Did someone think the DOW had a deer obedience school? Don't walk across the street but on a crosswalk, or don't attack dogs but get along?

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Interjecting drama doesn't help in an intelligent discussion, of which we all have a right. I've lived here almost 40 years, and those that say we've had deer back then are being somewhat disingenuous by not saying that there were very few deer back then and there was no wasting disease. Things are different now.

I personally would like the DOW to inform the city council of how many deer have been tested and confirmed with wasting disease in city limits. Now that would be a fact, and if they do any future testing, it should be mandatory to be supplied to the city council. Those that want to vote on the issue, that's fine, even if history has shown the majority are often wrong.

In respect to the city council, they have a fiduciary responsibility to protect citizens first, not to protect your right to see wildlife. Don't be surprised at their decision, just place yourself in their shoes, first.

In that regard, it would be interesting to see what our city attorney has to say about the liability the city has if someone is hurt or killed by a deer if nothing is done with these discussions. That would be another fact to consider.

If the result of all the discussions is to reduce some of the deer population in Craig, then hopefully we can do it with reason. The world is in a tough economic period and Craig is no different.

Without sport for killing these animals, I would hope the meat would be only for those who are disadvantaged in this valley. In doing this, it may help those who want the deer to stay to feel they are receiving something for the removal of the deer.

God knows they've eaten enough of my crab apples and tulips, so they should be tasty, if you like wild game.

I'm neutral on this subject, and want more facts.

Mark Parchman

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