Mari Katherine Raftopoulos: Goodbyes for a reason |

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Mari Katherine Raftopoulos: Goodbyes for a reason

Mari Katherine Raftopoulos

Do things really happen for a reason? Did that one call three years ago change your destiny?

Was that missed opportunity or tragedy already mapped out in your life plan without you knowing? Did you meet him or her because you will need them in the future for some reason?

I think we search all of our lives for these types of answers.

In the good times, it is much easier to believe that the acts of fate are purely part of our individual order.

But, in the hard times, this idea is quickly abandoned, and this once trusted concept is replaced with worry, regret and questions.

This is the reason, when it comes to the saying that "everything happens for a reason," whether good or bad, you must take it all or leave it all.

Unfortunately, there is no balance.

I have chosen to take it.

But, I'm not saying I'm good at it this mentality. In fact, I still have trouble grasping the idea, partly because I think too much.

I analyze and I strategize nearly every moment that happens in my life, even down to the very paint on my walls until my roommate or my brothers tell me to stop.

Ask anyone who knows me, has lived with me, even those who have briefly met me in passing, and they will tell you that I think way too much.

I didn't used to be like this. Maybe it's a sign of growing up or maybe it is just my way of coping with all my moments that happened for a reason.

Recently I have been thinking too much about the reasons people come into our lives at certain times, why they leave, why some come back, and others never do.

These thoughts are the reasons why I have grown to hate goodbyes.

I was never like that, until now. Even though I still believe that we should live by the notion that it is not goodbye but see you later, I am getting worse at goodbyes.

There are those people that hate goodbyes.

You know who they are, the ones in preschool that balled every morning before leaving their mothers, the college friends that cry every time you leave for break, even if it's just for a couple of days, and the people who sometimes don't even say goodbye because they hate the word altogether.

It took a "this happened for a reason moment" Sunday around midday, just when I was thinking way too much.

It just took that one call to take me back. To bring me back to that very moment, when I got the call to come home for my mom's last moments that changed my life … forever.

Someone else got that call, the call that forever will always be the call that changed her life completely.

Although I am not close to her, in fact I have never even met her, when you both have had that call, you are immediately connected.

And just when I got to thinking too much yesterday, her call helped me remember that my call happened for a reason and so did hers.

Life stopped for a moment and I stopped thinking too much and realized that not only do things happen for a reason, but so do goodbyes.