Margaret Perez and Susan Chenoweth: TMH administration misunderstood |

Margaret Perez and Susan Chenoweth: TMH administration misunderstood

To the editor:

We are writing in response to some of the recent editorials regarding TMH.

Margaret and I are TMH Concierge. Most of you will know us from the front desk.

Our direct supervisor is Jennifer Riley and we can tell you first hand that the things being said are untrue.

Jennifer is a reasonable, fair and caring person. We believe her demeanor is misunderstood.

Jennifer is not a "warm and fuzzy" kind of person. She is highly professional but at the same time very approachable. Jennifer stops at the front desk at least once every day.

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Her first words are always, "any problems? Any Issues?" If we have any issues, they are quickly resolved before she moves on to the next department.

Margaret and I meet with Jennifer at least once every quarter for evaluations and updates. In every meeting Jennifer asks how she can make our job easier.

We also meet with George Rohrich on a monthly basis where we are encouraged to, "ask the tough questions."

Both Margaret and I feel free to do that and have on many occasions. We do not fear for our jobs.

Why are only the negative things printed? We have lots of positive things going on, but no one ever cares about that.

We have quarterly cook-off challenges. Sometimes there is a secret ingredient that isn't disclosed until the day before. That ingredient must be featured in the dish.

We also had chili and holiday dessert cook-off. Hospital employees purchase tickets to sample and vote for each dish. The ticket sales help fund our holiday party.

At the end of each event George attempts to buy the vote by slipping extra money into the pot. There is always some last minute excitement to see what department can raise enough money to foil his plot.

We had a blast filming the Pink Glove Dance. TMH also sponsors the Colorado State BBQ Championship. Rocky Mountain BBQ Association voted it "Best Event."

We were disappointed to see Dr. Phillips leave too, but doctors come and go. Craig has just been lucky enough to have doctors that have stayed long term.

Face it, Craig is not for everyone. But problems with doctors went on before the current administration.

Have you forgotten Dr. Crane?

He was a highly regarded OB GYN that ended up in a disagreement with another doctor and began a hunger strike/protest camped out on the front lawn!

We have seen as many fine doctors come to Craig as Leaving. Many of you may remember Dr. James Summers and we have a great new Pediatrician, Dr. Kristie Yarmer.

Could TMH improve? Yes there is always room for improvement.

We strive to improve every day. We believe George and Jennifer raise the bar and encourage us to make those improvements happen.

Do we agree with every decision they make? No, I'm sure we don't, but the employees and public don't always have all the facts.

George and Jennifer are the ones given the task of making the hard decisions and hard decisions aren't always the popular ones, but they are necessary.

In our humble opinion replacing the TMH administration would be a mistake.


Margaret Perez and Susan Chenoweth

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