Map to aid county with its fire plan |

Map to aid county with its fire plan

Commissioners partner with BLM to map county for fire response, set property lines

Ryan Sheridan

Moffat County is preparing to take firefighting into the 21st century.
The County Commissioners accepted a plan Monday that sets in motion the building of a database for the county that will be part of a comprehensive resource for information for wildland firefighting, among other uses.
The proposed plan involves gather information from landowners for a cohesive map of their property, their preferences for wildland firefighting on their property, plus the locations of structures, contact information and addresses, and routes to the areas concerned.
The data will be added to the Bureau of Land Management database, creating a comprehensive electronic map of the county that could be used for property line disputes, electronic access for the public of property information, and can be melded with a future Global Positioning System for the mapping of the county’s roads.
Jeff Comstock county natural resources manager recommended the county enter a contract with Jim Andersen of EcoSystems Enhancements, LLC. The contract has been reviewed by County Attorney Tom Thornberry.
The contract calls for Andersen to begin working on Phase 1 of the fire plan, in which Andersen will begin collecting data in northwest section of Moffat County.
“This planning project won’t interfere in any way with present fire-management systems or arrangements, including the proposed Hot Shot team for the county,” Comstock said.
County Commissioner T. Wright Dickinson said Moffat County has received recognition at both the state and federal level for its fire-management plan, and this proposal would only enhance that preparedness.
EcoSystems Enhancements, LLC will be paid $17,700 for its work on Phase 1 of the database.

In other business, the board:
Approved a liquor license for Bad to the Bone, which was awarded the contract to serve alcohol at Loudy-Simpson Park.
Heard a presentation from the CSU Cooperative Extension Office Agent Ann Franklin gave updates on agricultural sustainability programs, the sage grouse program, and the master gardeners program which combines fifth and sixth graders with senior citizens to plant and care for gardens. Agent Elisa Shackelton updated the commissioners on nutritional programs done in conjunction with the Yampa Valley Partners.
Greeted Nat Balstead, the new county director and 4-H extension agent at the CSU Cooperative Extension Office.
Reviewed a contract covering the states purchase of a portion of the Public Safety Center, and an operating agreement with the state for the PSC. The contracts were not signed pending further negotiations concerning the amount of space the state is purchasing over the 10-year agreement and maintenance issues.
Approved a supplemental budget for expenses in the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department; $16,000 was added to the general fund.
Signed the Shiloh Home contract, authorizing that company to begin running its youth care program pending an agreement on language in the contract concerning termination conditions.
Accepted a bid from Tri-State for the sale of a mower; the mower was sold for $14,670.
Tentatively approved the construction of a sunshade on softball field number four at Loudy-Simpson park. The County Commissioners approved of the softball association’s proposal and funding, but put off actual funding and construction until the County Parks & Recreation Department had the necessary manpower and schedule space available.

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