Make sure all systems are go for winter |

Make sure all systems are go for winter

Dean Dimick, Owner of Auto Radiator Service Inc.

Getting prepared for winter is very important for you and your vehicle.

If your cooling system is not working properly, you may have issues with your vehicle overheating or not getting heat out of your heater. This could be caused by leaks in your hoses, low anti-freeze or improper mixture of your anti-freeze (a contaminated system).

Before the cold weather sets in, check your hoses for any cracks or bulges. If you find any, replace the hose.

Check your anti-freeze levels. If they are low, replenish with an adequate anti-freeze mix for your area (Craig area is normally a 70/30 mix).

If your anti-freeze is discolored, it can cause erosion in your radiator, and you would need to have your cooling system flushed by a professional. This would get your system ready for cold weather protection.

The best way to keep your cooling system maintained properly is to have it completely flushed and refilled every two to three years. The level of the coolant and concentration of the coolant should be check periodically.

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